The Enneagram

Your Enneagram class added many pieces of learning that I didn’t know and gave me some new ways of seeing my personality type and other people in my life. One of the reasons your workshop was so impactful for me was your authenticity while presenting the material. Your openness made it comfortable and easy for me to take in the information and insights. I often have difficulty “getting” information in a lecture format. Your inclusive, conversational style helped me have more understanding of the Enneagram system-especially the Instinctual-Heart and Mind integration.

— Cheryl R

The Enneagram system uses an illuminating map to identify nine different personality types, and to describe the ways in which they interpret the world. Underlying each type are distinct patterns of emotion, thought, behavior, motivation, and attention. As we gain awareness of our particular type and its associated patterns, we become closely attuned to both our mind and to our body. We can then develop the capacity to choose different ways of being, releasing those habits of mind that may constrict our ability to be fully authentic, peaceful, non-judgmental, and emotionally healthy. By using the Enneagram, we respect our Centers of Intelligence: the Belly, Heart, and Head. This provides a structure for increasing our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Rooted in traditions that are thousands of years old, the Enneagram has been integrated with modern psychological and neurological knowledge to create a powerful tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth. It is particularly helpful for people who are facing career and life transitions.

Enneagram Typing Sessions

One of the most effective and enjoyable ways of learning about types is through a one-to-one session with an experienced Enneagram coach. During our 90-minute meeting, you will discover which type best resonates with you personally. Understanding all of the types can lead you to greater awareness of your patterns of thought and feeling, offer your ways to interpret your physical reactions to triggers and stress, and provide you with more effective and honest means of communicating with others. Contact me for more information about scheduling your personal typing session.