Deep Coaching

Gloria is such a supportive, nurturing, and empathetic coach that I was very comfortable discussing my uncertainties and questions. With her great guidance, I was able to better see the connections in my views of work and other life demands. With her encouragement and coaching, I was able to see the pattern of my decisions and really think about what I am truly passionate about and how that intersects with my skills/talents.


Deep Coaching is an individualized, presence-based process that leads to results based on your goals. While each client is different, certain processes apply to almost all situations.

Deep Coaching processes involve:

  • Gaining insights into your motivations, strengths, challenges, and communication style
  • Aligning your values, interests, and actions
  • Identifying and changing self-defeating behaviors
  • Making informed decisions and commitments
  • Strengthening your resilience to life setbacks
  • Using your body, heart, and mind to gain awareness
  • Supporting significant life change and transformation

Deep Coaching tools include:

  • The Enneagram, and other assessments as needed
  • One-on-one coaching sessions, in person or via phone or Skype
  • Reading and homework opportunities

Deep Coaching results will depend upon your goals, such as:

  • Managing an important midlife transition
  • Finding a new career, calling, or opportunity
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety while increasing harmony and equanimity
  • Using your unique gifts for life-enriching ends
  • Living more authentically

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