The GLobalizing U.S. History Project

“Even for those school-age students today who will never in adulthood leave their native shores, the future is certain to be so heavily influenced by international developments and their lives within national boundaries so affected by factors emanating from outside those boundaries that they will be hugely disadvantaged by an education that has not raised their awareness of, sensitivity to and facility with issues arising from beyond a national “home” context. ”                             - Dr. Mary Hayden 

Welcome! The Globalizing U.S. History project was born during my graduate work at Northeastern University. My basic premise was that in order to teach students to think with a global mindset, there needs to be content - primary and secondary sources - in multiple formats for teachers to use when they are designing their lessons.  That's what you will find here, and much more. 

With generosity from the Longview Foundation and collaboration with National Council for History Education (NCHE) the resources here are free for your exploration and use with your classes and colleagues. Additionally, my understanding of global education, global citizenship, and global history has been impacted by many scholars and organizationsBelow I have highlighted videos from three of those influencers. 

Globalizing U.S. history education involves an “opening” of students’ conceptions of the past through expanded content, broader methodology, and units of analysis that go beyond the nation. Supporting teachers to do this is essential for their instructional shifts and integral to student success in a complex and globalized world. Therefore, the Globalizing U.S. History project is a dynamic resource (updated monthly) that addresses the scarcity of professional development programs dedicated this approach.  The resources we have assembled are designed to inspire, support innovation,  and develop your leadership as an advocate for teaching U.S. History in a global context. 

I want to thank the scholars and teachers who have contributed to this project. We hope you find joy exploring this resource and empowering your students. Stay in touch and follow us on Instagram #USAglobalHISTORY.

Yours in global education – Craig Perrier

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