Training / PD

Training/Professional Development

We are pleased to offer several trainings and PD workshops and series. See below for the current offerings. Other offerings are available through Partial Consultancies; these offerings are designed to meet the individual needs of the organization.

(Implicit) Bias

Understanding Implicit Bias

This partial-day (5 hours) workshop talks about Implicit Bias and why it matters to organizations. It includes hands on activities, pod learning, and reflection.

Bias Mediation Strategies

This full-day (8-hour) training begins with a condensed (3-hour) Understanding Implicit Bias workshop or can be provided as a follow-up training in our 5-hour partial-day format. The training focuses on evidence-based methods for reducing the effects of implicit bias in decision-making and person-to-person interactions.


This online learning module is available to share with staff and follow progress. A sneak peak is available at

Beating Bias Series

This series begins with the full-day Bias Mediation Strategies workshop on day one (8 hours). A second half-day workshop (3 hours) should occur one to three months later to check in on progress and re-evaluate. This series includes access to the BIAStoolkit and consultant support throughout the one to three month period between workshops.

Data Trainings

Data-Based Decision Making

This training can be offered in either the partial-day or full-day format with respective levels of detail and practice. Participants learn to use data (qualitative and quantitative) to make important decisions in both real-time and reflective/preventative decision processes. The full-day format includes time working on data collection and analysis techniques as well.

Metrics for Equity

This partial-day training begins with strategies for collecting and analysing metric data that relates to equity assessments. Participants are guided through the process of using an equity audit-based design to evaluate organizational concerns for equity. Participants should already be familiar with the basics of data-based decision-making.

Culture and Climate Support through Data

Offered as a partial-day training, this workshop presents participants with various strategies for data collection and analysis to better understand and monitor the culture and climate of an organization. In a full-day format, the workshop further includes hands-on practice using a mock organization (matched to your organization type: school, business, large company, non-profit).

Courageous Conversations

Single Session (4 hours)

Courageous Conversations is a group discussion framework for talking about differences (focused on race) with a goal of better understand and communication after the conversation. As a workshop, this framework will be introduced, a Courageous Conversation will occur, and then participants will learn how to facilitate their own Courageous Conversations. You may choose one of the following conversation focuses:

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Socio-Economic Class
  • Educational Needs (Special, Support, Gifted)
  • Ability and Health
  • Sex (male or female)
  • Gender (including transgender and gender continuum identification)
  • Sexual (and Romantic) Orientation
  • Body Shape/Stature
  • Parental Behaviors (student treatment based on parental behaviors)

Series (3 hours each)

The Courageous Conversation series mirrors a single session, but teaches the framework and facilitation in a separate course. Series must include at least 2 different focuses in order to include the minimum of three (3) sessions.

Assessing Behavior

Introduction to Functional Behavior Assessments (4 hours)

Functional Behavior Assessments are a tool used to understand why a student is behaving in a certain way. The technique explores information about the occurrence of a problem behavior in order to better understand how to stop the behavior from occurring. This workshop introduces the tool and explores its utility, teaches professionals how to use the tool, and introduces methods for analyzing data collected using the tool.

Behavior Intervention Plans (3 hours)

Behavior Intervention Plans are used widely in Special Education to modify student behavior through planning and education. Often General Education teachers are not well trained in using and understanding these plans. This workshop explains the utility and reasons for using a Behavior Intervention Plan to help General Education teachers better meet the needs of students. It continues with an exploration of a complicated Behavior Implementation Plan and practice understand how and to what extent the plan must be implemented in the General Education classroom. An additional 1-2 hours may be added to this workshop to allow for one-on-one or small group practice working through the Behavioral Intervention Plans teachers currently have and need to implement.