GLG Consulting


GLG Consulting builds the capacity of organizations to use evidenced-based practices and data-based decision-making to support inclusive and equitable practices that reduce bias and improve cultural competency and climate.


GLG Consulting embraces diversity and believes that all people have a right to individuality. Modern organizations encounter many labels including those associated with race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, gender, socio-economic class, age, body shape, and more. Rather than associating labels with stereotypes or automatic classifications, GLG helps companies, organizations, and schools to use labels to determine equity while allowing people to define themselves as individuals.

Differences are embraced to facilitate Courageous Conversations that move understandings towards awareness and possible acceptance. Blame is removed from problem identification and replaced with targeted, research-based interventions to enhance skills and modify weaknesses in the same ways teachers work to individualize education to student needs. GLG Consulting values data and data-driven practices. Consultations measure both metrics and professional attributes to align interventions to the needs of the organization, workforce, and served clientele (or students).


Dr. Gullo specializes in implicit bias remediation, data-based equity and culture analysis, and educational interventions. With degrees in educational leadership, special education, and psychology, Dr. Gullo uses attributes of each area to meet the needs of every client. Some of the high-quality work you can expect to see from Dr. Gullo includes:

  • Data analysis and reporting that meets your individual audience needs and formatting requirements
  • Equity and culture assessments paired with targeted and data-driven change management plans that can be self-led or consultant-led
  • Professional development and training seminars focused on the needs of your individual organization
    • Implicit Bias; Bias Remediation Strategy; Data-Based Decision-Making; Metrics for Equity; and more
  • Leadership consulting to assist management and principals with specific equity or bias challenges they encounter
  • One-on-one or large group training and needs assessment meetings.

New Publication!

CEO and founder of GLG Consulting, Gina Gullo, is first author on a new book coming to shelves in December 2018: Implicit Bias in Schools: A Practitioner's Guide.

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