When you love the outdoors, it is hard to #StayAtHome.

Join our rapidly growing global movement to #GiveCOVIDtheBoot.

During COVID-19 staying at home and staying safe is so important to protect the NHS and other front line workers.

But staying at home, particularly when the sun is shining, is really hard.

So - over a few virtual glasses of wine - we hatched a plan to unite the outdoor community, bring old adventuring and expedition friends together and to cheer everyone up in playful way during April, while staying at home.

We came up with the idea to ‘Give COVID The Boot’ #GiveCOVIDtheBoot. It is a simple idea with a very powerful message and we need YOU and your friends to join in.

We are asking people to get into virtual adventure teams - for example their hillwalking group, an old university climbing club, a mountain rescue team, it doesn’t matter.

Then we want everyone to record a short clip of one adventurer throwing a hiking boot, ski boot, shoe, trainer, whatever, to the next. Someone then edits the footage together into one sequence and then adds to social media using #GiveCOVIDtheBoot.

Here is what we want you to do:

  1. Virtually gather your friends. Your current hiking group, your old university climbing club, your ski mountaineering buddies, your bothy pals, your bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award group. It doesn't matter - everyone is welcome to join in.

  2. Then collaborate to put together a short video of one adventurer throwing a hiking boot, ski boot, shoe, trainer, (whatever you like) to the next. We have put together an example below to show you what we mean and we even have some guidelines (see below) on how you could make the video. Sport clubs and sports teams are welcome to join in as well, everyone is welcome! Don't forget to add the 'Give COVID the Boot logo' to the end of the video.

  3. Finally, up-load your co-created creation to social media (Twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all of them - it doesn't matter. But remember to tag your video #GiveCOVIDtheBoot so that we can follow and promote your virtual story!

  4. Show the love. Have a look at some of the other #GiveCOVIDtheBoot videos and like and share - we need you to amplify our message to keep everyone safe!

  5. Set a challenge. Once you have made the best video in the world, it is time to challenge another group of friends or a rival club to make a better one? eg: can your university mountaineering club do better than your walking club?

We believe that social distancing is more about geographical distancing. In the time of COVID-19 being social is more important than ever before.

Being social is what makes us human.

We hope that the #GiveCOVIDtheBoot campaign will bring people together in a playful way, trigger some adventure memories that will lead to few smiles and remind us that we can still be together, while staying at home.

Sample Video to help you get the idea

Don't forget to tag everything: #GiveCOVIDtheBoot

so we can follow your virtual adventures!

Some Resources to get you started

Mission Control:

[Grass routes, volunteer led, for free, more 'smiles' in the world needed advocates...& video editing!]

No Hillwalking Pals?... no problem (we have your back)

You can join our giant boot throw - all you need to do is fill in a few bits of non-confidential information and up-load your video. Our editing team will take it from there...

We have one term and condition. After COVID-19 your promise to join a club, become part of a walking group or go on a course where you can meet new people and spend more time in the hills.

Add your video here.

With a little help from

Kingussie high School

Scottish Mountain Rescue

Don't forget to tag everything: #GiveCOVIDtheBoot

so we can follow your virtual adventures!