Giorgio Sbardolini

I'm studying for a PhD in Philosophy and an MA in Linguistics at the Ohio State University, with focus on Philosophy of Language, Logic, and the Metaphysics of Meaning. My interests are in what we can learn about the structure of language by reflecting on the nature of linguistic generalizations. A few things I'm interested in:

  • how quantification works over domains of intensional objects: in suitable higher order languages, we can formulate rich semantic theories, but also the intensional paradoxes;
  • an account of propositions by abstraction: the goal is to develop a metaphysics of propositions motivated by empirical research in Linguistics.
  • the development of a methodology for the rigorous study of conceptual change, with applications to lexical studies in semantics.

I started with Philosophy at the University of Milan (BA 2010, and MA 2012), where I'm from. Before moving to Ohio State in 2013, I visited the University of Helsinki, where I worked on the proof theory of counterfactual conditionals with Sara Negri. I have been a visiting student at the Concept Lab (University of Oslo) during the Fall of 2017, and at Arché (St. Andrews) in the Spring 2018.