About Matt

I was born in England but moved around a lot whilst growing up. I returned to England for a 3 year Bachelor’s degree in Geology at Bristol University, which was followed by a 1 year Master’s degree in The Science of Natural Hazards from the same institution. It was on this Master’s degree that I first came to Guatemala in 2006, on a field trip working with the Guatemalan government, studying the combination of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, mudflows and hurricanes which affect Guatemala every year.

I returned to Guatemala after graduating in 2007. Over the next 4 years I spent about half that time in Guatemala and the idea for a “geological tour company” specialising in adventure tours and Guatemalan volcano hikes first took hold. By the time the Global Financial Crisis was coming to an end in 2010 I was well and truly in love with this country. I left in mid-2010 to go and work in the Australian coal mining industry with the plan to save up and come back to Guatemala.

5 years later, with some extensive travels through Central and South America and a 3 month stint working in Mozambique, I finally returned to Guatemala and began the process of applying for my Guatemalan residency. The paperwork eventually came through in late 2016 which has allowed me to set up Geo Travel Guatemala. I now intend to be here for the foreseeable future showing interested tourists the many textbook examples of geology and natural hazards that make this country such a beautiful place.