Georgina Tyson (b.1992) |


2019- School of the Damned, Alternative Art Education

2018- Chelsea College of Art, MA Fine Art

2014- Sir John Cass School of Art, BA Fine Art

2011- Liverpool Community College, Foundation Degree in Art and Design


2020- Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor, Lecture Series, Royal College of Art & Institute of Contemporary Art

2019- Revisiting the New Aesthetic, Panel, Freelands Foundation

2018- Visiting Lecturer, Chelsea College of Art


2020- PAF London, Online

2020- October,, Online

2020- State of Emergency, The Box Plymouth, Online

2020- The Future is Loading, Shape Arts, Online

2020- In The Withdrawing Room, Online

2020- Current Transmissions, Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK

2019- Endless Houseshare, Safehouse 1&2, London UK

2019- Notopia, Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth UK

2019- doin' bits, LUVA Gallery, London UK

2019- Forced Collaboration, Instagram/Online

2019- Micro Acts x Late at Chelsea, Chelsea Banqueting Hall, London UK

2019- U Slip Into 2, After Dark, Reading UK

2019- School of the Damned Virtual Exhibition, Online

2019- rock-a-bye bivalve, Delicious Clam, Sheffield UK

2019- Overshare, External Pages,

2018- Micro Acts 4, Hotel Elephant, London UK

2018- Bye Hun! The Royal Standard, Liverpool UK

2018- & anOther angle, Maxilla Space, London UK

2018- Fuck Off 2, Buster Mantis, London UK

2018- Solo Play, Gwendolyn Gallery, Liverpool UK

2018- Interim PT 1 + 2, Triangle Gallery, London UK

2018- On the Cusp, Take Courage Gallery, London UK

2018- Fuck Off, Limbo Limbo, London UK

2017- Open Studios, Chelsea College of Art, London UK

2014- Public Acts, Espacio Gallery, London UK

2012- 258 x 333 x 64mm, Centre for Recent Drawing, London UK


2020- Orbit, Online

2019- artistres_, Online

2018- Gwendolyn Gallery, Liverpool

2018- Art4u, Online

2017- Bunny Collective, Online


2020- SpeakerSpeaker, Failure, Writing

2019- The Photographers' Gallery, Loose Associations, Writing

2019- Montez Press, Interjection Calendar, Prosicute, Writing


SPACE Studio Prize Award Winner, 2018

Shortlisted for The Frank Bowling Scholarship, Chelsea College of Art, 2017


Speaker Speaker, 2020

The Box Plymouth, 2020

National Ugly Mugs, 2020

New Creatives, 2019

Montez Press, 2019

Montez Press Radio, 2019

The Photographers' Gallery, 2019

"Low_res_camera_roll is an exhibition space. Residing online with universally accessible opening hours this space brings the lives of artists to their audiences. Instagram was the platform of choice because of the way people are using it right now. Users feeds are heavily curated and edited. Posts are archived, re-posted and deleted. Usernames are changed; re-evaluated in conjunction with pop culture and trends. For artists, Instagram acts as a portfolio. The casualness of Instagram gives room for artists to share themselves and their thoughts alongside their work. This duality gives a context to the work."

The aim of Babeworld is to divulge into real life issues and demonstrate the organic process of making work. We focus on themes of political and societal identity, such as disability/ accessibility, mental health, sex work, ‘poverty porn’, oversharing- otherwise known as attention-seeking on the internet. By creating an accessible critical framework through formatting and digestible language, we are opening up a new dialogue- an alternative to academic critique and its place in modern society.

Babeworld relies heavily on collaboration and inclusivity. The goal is to create a welcoming and safe space for those who are marginalised, particularly in ways which are not visible, those who are restricted by their class, gender, race, and everything in between. Collective ailments I hear you ask? Well, the short story is: ASD, BPD. We’ll let you guess whose who.