Blurring the lines, whilst simultaneously finding and exposing them; I try to make sense of how we present ourselves online and offline. My low cost, low brow and low resolution works deal with themes of sex, class and navigating the world through the internet and social media. I use visually performative or interactive mediums to invite the audience to enter my world where they can either experience my lived experiences or contribute to them. Issues and ideas that are often presented in the work range from my own personal experiences with gender, sexuality and class and how these all intersect. I aim to fuel conversations about how working class women’s sexuality is used as currency during day to day life as well as in the art world, media and sex work. Referencing pop culture and current socio-political issues, I create work that comments on this in an honest and vulnerable way. Using the digital and the online as points of reference for all the topics explored in my work, I bring long discussed debates about sexuality and class into the present. I will do this online through my day to day social media interactions, in digital galleries or in physical galleries and publications. To anchor the online into the offline world I bring the conversations being had within digital spaces, about digital spaces and their contributions to the mundanities of contemporary dating and the accessibility of art into institutions and physical art spaces.