1. There will be mandatory check points along the route where all riders must check in. This is for rider safety and route distance verification.

2. KOM/QOM will be based on 3 timed segments along the route of the Grinduro. Segments will be full mountain passes and not just climbs. To be a true King or Queen you will need to go down as well as up. SAFE & FAST is the Key!

3. Riders must carry all the supplies/tools they need for the rides. Outside support is only allowed for riders that need to be removed from the course. There will be limited Mechanical Support at AS#2, AS#5. No support/drinks from a moving vehicle is allowed.

4. Riders are responsible to learn/know/navigate the course. Digital Versions of the courses are available for download/upload to cycling computers/GPS devices. Printed Cue sheets will be available at check-in.

5. Rider Conduct: We require that athletes conduct themselves in a manner that is sportsmanlike and fair. Any activities deemed harmful to the event or community will result in disqualification and the rider will be asked to leave the course.

6. Bike Racing/Riding in this manner is dangerous and should be restricted to experienced riders. Please use caution and utmost concentration when riding these courses. You are responsible for your safety and the riders around you.

7. Riders are not allowed to advance on the course by any other means than the two wheeled, non-motorized bicycle that they started on. E-Bikes, although cool are not alllowed at the Grinduro. The course must be completed as outlined and all check-points must be counted for a rider to be considered an "official finisher".

8. Drafting is allowed between registered participants only. It is not allowed to have a non-participant rider along the route to draft with. This will be enforced by fellow participants, in which two witnesses will serve as enough for a DQ.

9. All roads on the course, paved or dirt are open to traffic. Please use your head and brakes. Yield to traffic if you don't have the right of way. Keep in mind that when going from a dirt road to a paved road you will never have the right of way.

10. If you are badly injured while on course please call 911. To other races, please don't be afraid to give assistance to other racers. Remember that the next accident could be you and professional help can be too far away. Some of the areas of the courses are pretty remote so cell service is limited. This is why we require that all athletes carry a small first aid kit with them.

11. Bicycle restrictions: There aren't many as we want this to be as inviting as possible to the masses. ONE EXCEPTION: NO E-BIKES. They are cool, yes, but not invited to a ride/race like this. Two working brakes are required even for the single speeds. Front and rear lights are required for the Grinduro and the Radical and Scramble riders must use at least a tail light. Aero bars are allowed although most roads on the course would make them useless. Cross, Gravel, and Mountain Bikes are all allowed. The best suited bike for the courses will be a cross or gravel bike. Suggested gearing is at least a 36-28. There are pitches on gravel/dirt roads at 22% so plan accordingly.

12. Cut off times for the Grinduro will be enforced for rider safety. Riders must make it to the 31 mile check in point by Noon to be allowed to continue on the Grinduro Course. This point will be at the aid station just off a paved section where crew/friends can easily come and cheer on riders. This is based on a 10mph average speed and a total finish time of 14 hours. The second Check Point is at mile 50. Grinduro riders must arrive here before 3pm to be allowed to continue on the Grinduro Course.

13. All timing will be done with the RACE|RESULT Pro Chip Timing System and this data will be sent back to the finish line remotley and instantly. This will allow us to know where athletes are on course and provide the timing data for the segments. Each athlete must wear the provided neoprene ankle strap with timing chip. This must be returned to the event registration tent at the completetion of your adventure. Riders who fail to return the timing chip will be charged $100. We will have volunteers at the finish line to retrive them from you so you shouldn't be able to forget unless you abandon and don't cross the finish line.


  • Cell Phone
  • Cycling Computer
  • Red LED Taillight (All riders)
  • White LED Front Light (Grinduro & Radical Only)
  • Enough water to get from one aid station to another
  • One spare tube (two is a great idea)
  • Pump or CO2
  • Small First Aid Kit (Required for Grinduro/Radical only)


  • Jacket for wind or rain
  • Food (lots for Grinduro)
  • Bike simple repair items; Chain tool, tire levers, Sealant, Spoke wrench, allen wrenches (Don't let the lack of these simple things ruin a great ride)
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Hydration pack (for carrying all the above stuff)
  • Money or card in the slight chance that you see a store and really want an ice cold Mt Dew
  • Compass (If you know how to use it)