• Grinduro Awards will be based on the lowest accumulated time for the three timed sectors. We don't want riders racing back into town so although we will post overall times there will not be any awards for those times. The times for the lowest accumulated time for the timed "Mountain Segments" come from the whole Mountain (sector) pass. Up and down. For the downhills- Ride at your ability level. No sector time is worth risking a crash. Use your brakes and your brain. (at the same time please)

  • Have fun and realize that Gravel events are for fun and don't take it too seriously. You even may want to stop and take some pictures along the way. The scenery is amazing out here so enjoy it. Enjoy a 30 second reduction from your overall time for posting a picture to Instagram or Facebook during the event using the hashtag #georgiagravelgrinduro. Remember that the overall times doesn't matter so we want to compensate you for your efforts. Maximum of 2 photo/time credits will be awarded.