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Nov 3rd 2018 Grinduro - 122 Miles Radical- 69 Miles Scramble - 33 Miles

This event will take the best climbs and scenery in North GA and challenge riders to go beyond what they think is reasonable and possible in human performance. The Grinduro is not for your average/intermediate or beginner cyclist. Even the Radical is an advanced level event that will take most riders over 5-6 hours to complete. This event is a test against yourself as well as the other hundreds that will line up with you at the start line. You be be forced to leave the comfort zone behind and test your physical limits and equipment to the maximum. Our Scramble distance will be the event for the new gravel racer/rider. The Scramble will still have more than 60% gravel/dirt/clay roads and over 5.500 feet of climbing so even the shortest event is quite a test.

The Grinduro day of events will be fully supported, staffed and permitted with local government and police. There will be professionally chip timed KOM Segments, fully stocked Aid Stations, partially marked courses and amazing friendly competition.