There was a fragility in your towering presence

A danger looming heavily in the wind

By day you were a god, shining yellow and green

like heaven

By night a stallion bucking, breaking, buckling

under the pressure

The weight was too much for others

You carried it and creaked and cracked and held on

There wasn't anything anyone could do for you

So independent

So fierce

Your sweet sapling days long gone

You threw all that was left of you upwards

Until the night you came crashing down

Upon me

I held you

You didn't respond

I'm still holding you

You are never broken in my eyes

You are always here

Acrylic on Canvas, 52"x 52", 2019
Friends and Family, oil on wood, 72"x 96", 2009
Oil Pastel on Canvas, 18" x 24", 2020
Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24", 2019
Oil Pastel on canvas, 18"x 24", 2020
Oil on canvas, 36"x 48", 2009
Oil on wood, 36"x 48", 2009