/!\ We are hiring a full time PhD student (duration: 36 months; start date: ~ Spring 2022) for our project ‘The social and cultural roots of behavior in the face of disasters: Insights from volcanic disasters in Japan and Indonesia’, for which we received funding from the WOW! Program and the IDEX/I-SITE CAP 20-25 initiative. See https://bit.ly/3BBgxAU for details (note that deadline is January 2022) /!\

I am Guillaume Dezecache. The phonetics is [ɡijom] [dø-z-œf-kæʃ]. I am not offended at mispronunciation.

I hold a Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences (2014, Sorbonne Université). Since Septembre 2019, I am Assistant Professor at the Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA), and Researcher at the LAPSCO CNRS. I am also co-founder and consultant for [S]CITY. My CV has information on my previous roles.

I develop methods & tools to measure sociality in extremis, i.e., how resource scarcity shapes social behavior. I am the co-founder of the 'CATA' research group which closely explores this issue.

My publication record can be found on my Google Scholar profile and/or CV.

You can write at guillaume dot dezecache at gmail dot com