Gavin P. Johnson

composition | digital media | queer rhetorics

Gavin P. Johnson is a scholar-teacher in Rhetoric, Composition, Literacy, & Digital Media. He completed his Master of Arts in English: Rhetoric and Composition at North Carolina State University in Raleigh in May 2015 and joined the PhD program in English: Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at The Ohio State University in August 2015. He is currently writing his dissertation, which is tentatively titled Troubling Outcomes in Digital Media Pedagogy: Rhetorical Invention as Queer Possibility.

His primary research interests include rhetorical invention, composition theory, digital media pedagogy, Queer Rhetorics and Cultural Rhetorics, writing program administration, literacy studies, and research methodologies. He is currently working on multiple research projects including a forthcoming chapter titled "Grades as a Technology of Surveillance: Normalization, Control, and Big Data in the Teaching of Writing," a recently published article in Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory titled "From Rhetorical Eavesdropping to Rhetorical Foreplay: Orientations, Spacetimes, and the Emergence of a Queer Embodied Tactic," a co-edited collection with Jennifer Burgess titled Widening the View: Essays on Feminist Historiography, Ephemera Evidence, and Rhetorical Education, and an ongoing collaborative project with Beverly J. Moss, Michael Blancato, and Sara Wilder examining the Literacy Narratives of Black Columbus course.

At Ohio State, Gavin teaches first-year and second-year courses in writing, rhetoric, and digital media. He works as a Writing Program Administrative Associate for the Department of English's Second Year Writing Program. With Laura L. Allen, he serves as an Associate Director for the 2018 & 2019 Digital Media and Composition Institute at Ohio State University (#DMAC18; #DMAC19).

He has presented his research at national conferences such as the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), Computers and Writing Conference (#CWcon), Cultural Rhetorics Conference, Watson Conference, Conference of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA), Feminisms and Rhetorics (#femrhet), and the Conference on Community Writing among others. He also participated in the Biannual Rhetoric Society of America Institute in 2017 and 2019.

He is the winner of the 2017 CCCC Gloria AnzaldĂșa Rhetorician Award, a competitive national award presented by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) to scholars "whose work participates in the making of meaning out of sexual and gender minority experiences." He also won the 2018 Eric Walborn Award for Excellence in Digital Media and English Instruction from the Ohio State Department of English.

Gavin was born and raised in southeast Louisiana, but currently lives in Columbus, OH, with his dogs, Bowie and Archie. He is a first generation college student.

[photo credit: Julie Rae Powers, 2016. visit]

photo credit: Julie Rae Powers, 2016. visit

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