Gavin enjoys sharing his experiences with technology amongst educators. Gavin has presented workshops at a variety of education and educational technology conferences. Look below for links to Gavin's training sessions.

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Making Meaningful Video Content for the Music Classroom

In this session we will look at making videos for the music classroom. Whether you are working through a blended, online or in-class model of teaching, meaningful videos can give all students a chance to flourish in any environment. We will look at making videos for instrumental, compositional and general music classrooms. Be prepared to take a few minutes to practice making your videos.

24 - GavSession - Making Meaningful Video Content for the Music Classroom

Blended Learning

In this session we'll look at a variety of methods of teaching in a blended environment. We'll explore Google sites, slides, and classroom. As well as Hyperdocs, Flipgrid and learning boards. As we look to the future, we can work together to find the best blended option for your class.

23 - GavSession - Blended Learning

Hyperdocs & Learning Boards

Both of these platforms are curated sets of learning materials. Students are free to move at their own pace as they work through learning and demonstration of thinking. These can used IN class or ONLINE.

22 - GavSession - Hyperdocs & Learning Boards

Making A Classroom Website with Google Sites

Learn to use Google Sites to communicate all class details with students and parents in one easy location. Especially important for students who can't remember their Google Logins

21 - Making A Classroom Website With Google Sites

Using Google Meet Within Your Google Classroom

Many teachers would love to hold online meetings with their class. Google Classroom now integrates Google Meet into their platform. In this workshop, learn to adjust Google Meet settings in Classroom and set up recurring meetings as well as having SMALL group meetings and check-ins

19 - GavSession - Using Google Meet within your Google Classroom

Google Slides: Going Beyond The Basics

In this session we'll look some additional settings and features that can be used with Google Slides. We'll look at Custom sizing slides, master slides, linking slides, putting worksheets into Google slides for students to complete and more!

18 - GavSession - Google Slides: Going Beyond The Basics

Google Classroom: Going Beyond The Basics

Now that you can set-up your Google Classroom and assign things to your students... What's next? In this session, you'll learn about advanced settings, weekly guardian summaries, Google Meets, Differentiating Assignments and creating unique handouts for every student to edit independently.

17 - GavSession - Google Classroom: Going Beyond The Basics

Google Slides For Beginners

Google has a versatile product available to all G-Suite users. Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides will create colourful presentations for you to share photos or information with others. In this presentation we'll get set-up into the program, we'll make our first presentation and we'll learn a variety of ways to share it with others.

16 - Google Slides for Beginners

Using ScreenCastify and School Video Recorder for Google Drive for Beginners

In this new world of Online Learning, many people are looking for ways to teach remotely. Using these two programs, we will learn how to share your SCREEN with others and create videos of what's happening on your computer monitor. As well, we'll look at a simple way to take a "selfie" video and leave "face-to-face" instructions for your students

15 - ScreenCastify & SVRFGD

Google Meet For Beginners

After the success of Google Hangouts, Google has developed a business meeting platform (similar to ZOOM) where people can hold group video conferences. In this session we'll get use to the program and the various buttons that you can click when in a meeting. I'll also show you how to JOIN and START meetings. Finally, we'll look at integrating meetings into a Google Classroom platform.

14 - GavSession - Getting Started With Google Meet

Classroom Management 101

As a teacher, rotating through many different classrooms per day, I have learned several simple tricks to help manage my students. I was recently asked to present some of these ideas to a group of program staff at a local YMCA as they developed their children's programming.

13 - Classroom Management 101

The Musician's TECH Palette

Living and teaching in a predominately online world can be a challenge for teachers and subjects that are considered "old school." In this presentation we will look at a variety of apps and add-ons that will assist any teacher, at any level deliver their music curriculum. Furthermore, some of these tools may help educators to rethink their long-range-plans to include a digital component.

The Musician's TECH Palette

Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

In an increasingly online world, children are being exposed to web-based materials at a younger age. Sometimes parents are at a loss with keeping up with the newest "popular" apps for kids. Rather than policing your kids - why not educate them to self advocate for their own safety online. Using Google's Be Internet Awesome program children will learn some of the key aspects to being safe online - and they'll put that knowledge to the test is a fun gaming atmosphere as they learn to safely navigate through the world of "Interland."

Internet Safety - By Google

Music Classroom Flipping

Wouldn't it be great to never put a music student through a standard "playing test" again?? In this session, we will look at the process by which students practice and develop ensemble skills at school and test, via video, on their own time. We’ll be using Google Classroom, Padlet, Screencastify, School Video Recorder, HYPERdocs and, most importantly, Flipgrid to "flip" the standard music classroom.

Classroom Flipping - Music

The Artist's TECH Palette

Do you teach in the arts? There are MANY tech tools, applications, add-ons, extensions, etc… that can help you in your arts classroom. Learn ways to use a variety of tools to assist in Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Arts classrooms.

The Artist's TECH Palette

Classroom Flipping

In this session, we will look at the process by which students learn their LESSONS at home - and complete their HOMEWORK during their class time with their teacher’s support. We’ll be using Google Classroom, Padlet, Screencastify, School Video Recorder, HYPERdocs and some other tech tools as well.

Classroom Flipping

Intro to Google Forms

In this session, we will learn to use Google forms. This program has LOTS of features and we'll learn about most of them. Be ready to create several forms of your own and be open to answering several as well

Google Forms - An Introduction

Blast your notes with ROCKETBOOK

In this session, we meet the notebook of the future. Learn how pen and paper aficionados can digitise all of their notes. Learn how students can revolutionise their binders or duo-tangs. Best of all - learn how to do it ALL for FREE!

Blast your notes with ROCKETBOOK


This session is an introduction to FLIPGRID. Together we will learn to sign-up, sign-in, create our first "grid" and add a topic (or topics) where students, parents, colleagues, friends, etc... can amplify their voices and be heard.

Flip Out with Flipgrid


This session goes FURTHER with Form Publisher. We will be creating student profiles including photos. We'll develop a template for assessing student work (with photos of the work) and begin to develop beautiful looking lesson plans. Students in this session should already be able to make a simple Google Form, Manipulate a Google Sheet to make a template and understand the basics of the Google Form Publisher Add-On.

AutoDocs - Part Two


In this session we’ll be using Google Forms, Docs, Sheets, Slides and an add-on called Form Publisher. We will create forms to collect specialised data (including uploaded images, video and documents) and, with the help of our add-on tool, we will publish the data into automatically generated, beautiful-looking publications. By taking the time to design a template, you’ll never have to create another certificate, newsletter, permission form, lesson plan, etc… ever again!

AutoDocs - Part One

Google Classroom-The Beginning

This presentation is geared to the absolute beginner with Google Classroom. I will walk you through logging-in and signing up for Google Classroom, Creating your first electronic classroom, adding students to your classroom and sending announcements/assignments to your students through this Google platform. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!

Google Classroom - Just The Beginning

Do EVERYTHING With Padlet - If you have used Padlet before then you already know what a fabulous tool it is for collaborative learning. But, this versatile tool is so much more. In this session we will take five minutes to create your account and build your first Padlet, then look at dozens of other ways to use Padlet in a K-12 classroom. Bring your device and come prepared to participate. We will be sharing and learning together. The sky's the limit with Padlet.

Tracking Language Learning Using Fluency Tutor - Do you have trouble finding time to listen to your students read? Are you a language (or a second language) teacher looking for oral language evidence from your students? Are you looking to track a student’s oral skills over time? Fluency Tutor can help. Learn how to access Fluency Tutor, Integrate with Google Classroom and assign your own texts for students to practice reading and speaking. Suitable for all reading levels.

Tracking Language Learning with Fluency Tutor