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Rules for Loading a Resource

You may wish to load a resource of your own or of a third party that you feel is useful to others, whether they are teachers, students, and / or parents.

The own resources should be load with the permit: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). By shelving this type of resource you agree to its disclosure by the Drawer.

You, too, can load a resource that you know and think is interesting but that you are not the author. This type of resource must be available for use on the internet with the right of use that allows its use. Before filing a feature make sure it is still available!

You can load resource as; lesson plans, videos, channels, ebooks, podcasts, websites, applications, infographics, projects, testimonials, blog, digital learning objects, among others.

If you want load a Google document, place a /copy after the link, so people copy the file and do not change the original file.

The resourcer will be analyzed later by the team and those that are approved will be chancelados by the Gaveteiro.org.

To load you should include an image of 800x800 pixels to illustrate your feature. You can create it using the social media template from Canva.

To load resource fill out this form: