The word “Gaveteiro” in Portuguese means Drawer, piece of furniture composed of several drawers. Used to store and find things more easily.

Throughout our lives we have had the opportunity to have contact with various educators with wonderful ideas on how to transform education, making it more enjoyable, connected to the real world and meaningful. Many ideas have been materialized in projects, digital learning objects, e-books, lesson plans, video, infographics, websites, portals, reports, etc ...

But we realize that these fantastic ideas are often restricted and underutilized.

We think there are some reasons for this underutilization. Often authors do not realize how inspiring they are and can be useful to many other people and have no idea how and where to share them.

Thinking about it, we decided to create the Gaveteiro.org: a place to load and search for resources.

Here you can sheltersload your projects or resources that you know and judge interesting and download content stored by other people.

The Gaveteiro.org can be used by teachers, students and parents.

The teachers can create new classes using or remixing what is already available and available in the Gaveteiro.org and can access content that contributes to their continuing education and broaden their knowledge of technology applied to education and innovative practices and methodologies.

The students can use these incredible resources to learn and to expand their skills and competencies.

The parents can access resources that help them participate more actively in the learning process of their children.

The Gaveteiro.org is a project created by two friends who are passionate about learning and teaching and who are Google Innovators BRZ17.

Welcome to Gaveteiro.org!!!


Friends and Innovators!!

We are brazilian and we met at a meeting of GEG (Interior São Paulo - Brazil) in 2017 and since then the bonds of friendship have only grown, today we are Leader of the Group of Educators Google (GEG Campinas Brazil) and partners in the Gaveteiro.org.

I've always loved learning everything and discovering new things. I never content myself to study one thing, and so I was creating a multidisciplinary career. I am a biologist and PhD in Sciences from UNICAMP, where I developed software for teaching Medical Genetics. But I am also an IT Specialist at PUC-Campinas and an MBA in Marketing from ESPM. I was a teacher in higher education, an entrepreneur and, currently, I work with teacher training and as a consultant in the area of ​​educational technologies and innovation. I'm Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2, Google Trainer and Google Innovator. I am the creator of the project EdTech4Parents. I believe that all knowledge must be stimulated and shared. But most of all I am the mother of twins!

Now I’m living in Mexico and start to know and explore education in other cultures, that I love it!

I am one of those people who does not stand still, I am always studying and learning. I started early, with 2 years I was going to school, and so I was studying, today I graduated in Physics and Mathematics from UNICAMP and studied pedagogy. I have been working as a teacher for over 10 years, and I realized that I could unite two passions in one place, education and technology, and that's what I've been doing for the last few years. This my passion for technology led me to want to know new ways to innovate, and with that I became Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 and Google Innovator, besides having my Youtube channel - Calculate Nat, be a Revisor of Physics of YoutubeEdu and I currently work at Khan Academy in creating the math content that fits Brazilian Curriculum.

I love to travel and I want to experience and to know new cultures.