Announcement: 19 February 2019

The LOC thanks everyone that has contributed to a very successful Championship.

The results of the Championsip is available on the Gauteng North Website's RESULTS PAGE

LIVE STREAMING!!! Follow the respective links on the SPECTATOR PAGE to follow the action LIVE!!!

Announcement 15 February 2019:

With regards to the risk of load shedding impacting on the competition, the LOC has investigated hiring a generator to nullify that risk. But having a generator as a backup to run the ice rink & plant is just too expensive for the LOC (R16 500 excl fuel) to bear, especially for an “if” scenario.

The following contingency plan has therefore been put in place to address the challenge if it arises:

  1. The Technical panel and Judges computers will be protected by a UPS and running on the rink emergency power for the remainder of the time with no down time.
  2. The music will unfortunately stop and have to be restarted for the affected skater at a point determined by the Referee. Getting the music system up will only take a couple of minutes.
  3. The Ice Rink will lower the temperature of the ice over the course of the competition with 1◦C as to compensate for any time off on the plant to address our ice quality concerns.
  4. We will unfortunately lose up to 40% of the lighting at the start of load shedding and we hope that the competition can continue under these circumstances. We have however organized a small generator that will be set up to try and run the remaining 40% of lighting, but this can take up to 30 minutes to start due to the switch over on the Distribution Box. We hope this will not impact too heavily on the skating as we need to stick to our planned schedule for travel arrangements at the close of the competitions.

We believe this will address all major concerns and result in the competition to still be on time. Please be aware that traffic will be hectic during these times as to warn your skaters to get sooner to the ice rink and not be stuck in traffic.

We thank the management of The Ice Rink for their efforts and input to address our concerns and assisting in putting together this contingency plan.


Announecement 12 February 2019:

Announcement 11 Febr 2019:

  • Order of Skating for the Short / Component, Juvenile Free and Division B sections are available to download on the ORDER OF SKATING page.
  • We are also very proud to announce that the GIP will be streamed LIVE. We'll post the designated links for your convenience as soon as it has been set up.
  • Please note that VIDEOS of skating programs can be ordered from Heinrich Paincsyk (0822138818) at STRENGTH TO SKATE. See advertisement below.

Announcement 2 February 2019:

  • The final list of entries received have been published.
  • The official practice & competition schedule to follow.
  • The draw has been postponed for a few days until a senior judge is available.

Announcement 14 January 2019:

  • All Provinces have received prepopulated antry forms which must be completed, signed and returned to the respective provincial test secretaries by the 24th of January whom shall collate and forward it to the GNFSA LOC.
  • Provincial Competition secretaries will have also received Provincial entry forms to be reconciled with the entries received before sending it back by the 1st of February to the GNFSA LOC together with a proof of payment.

Announcement 6 January 2019:

(Refer to the official announcement on the FORMS PAGE for any relevant information)

  • The provisionally entered list of competitors is available for verification.
  • Pre-populated entry forms will be sent to the respective provinces to be completed and signed by the competitors / coaches and committees. This has to be emailed to chair@gnfigureskating.co.za by the 1st of February to be officially entered.
    • Skaters who are not on the list are requested to:
      • Enter online as soon as possible and contact their respective competition secretary to be included on the provincial entry form.
      • Download and complete the GIP001_2019 Entry Form_Singles (on the FORMS PAGE) and return it to their competition secretary as soon as possible.
    • Skaters wishing to withdraw must contact their competition secretary whom will withdraw the skater according to the SAFSA Rules and per the Official Competition Announcement.
  • Coaches and Skaters are reminded of the deadlines for MUSIC and PPC forms to be submitted as per the Official Competition Announcement.
  • Syncro Teams still wishing to enter must ENTER ONLINE as soon as possible and contact their competition secretary to be included on the provincial entry form to be submitted by the 1st of February.

The Official Competition Announcement can be downloaded from the FORMS PAGE

Please follow the following process to enter the GIP 2019:

  1. All Skaters to please ENTER ONLINE by the 4th of January 2019 at 24h00. Skaters will receive a prepopulated entry form in the following days which needs to be signed by the skater, coach and parent.
  2. Coaches to complete the ONLINE PPC form. Please note that coaches can resubmit PPC forms up to the 8th of February if programs have changed.
  3. Provinces will receive an updated ENTRY LIST by the LOC following the closing date to confirm entries which must be returned together with a single payment to the GNFSA bank account. (NEDBANK, CHEQUE ACCOUNT NUMBER 1633240495, MONTANA BRANCH CODE 155345)
  4. Music to be sent via email to chair@gnfigureskating.co.za by the 1st of February 2019.

Official Practices are booked for Sunday & Monday morning. Please check the PROGRAM PAGE for the practice schedule as it becomes available.