Seattle had it all. Opportunities for me and you to hang with hip robots and nerdy search engine optimization specialists at MozCon and what was in July of 2015 called the EPM Museum. We also had fun seeing the glass gardens of Chihuly, the Seattle harbor and aquarium and Pike's Place Market. View all our Seattle pictures.

Me and Rogerbot!

It was a thrill to attend MozCon 2015 and meet my hero Roger in real life! I learned a lot too!

Us eating at Pike Place Market

We had a blast mainly eating at one of the restaurants at Pike Place and walking along the riverfront. Seeing the first Starbucks was also interesting. The harbor tour was also a highlight. Reminded us of the Duluth harbor tour.

You and a Dalek!

This museum (now called the Museum of Pop Culture) was fascinating. It was full of interesting historic items from especially science fiction and fantasy movies like the Princess Bride, Frodo's sword and the Back to the Future hover boards among lots of other cool stuff.