Garage Kit Modeller

Welcome ....Please have a look around if you see anything you want any more info do not hesitate to drop me a line.

My names Scott Griffiths, I live and work in Plymouth UK. I have been an avid modeller for the past 30 years, started a long while back by shear chance when I was house sitting for a mate who was a submariner based on one of Her majesties nuclear submarines . On one occasion one of his fellow crew members stayed at the house and started painting 25mm figures for playing "Dungeon & Dragons" which they did while at sea for long periods. As I was interested in LOTR at the time so the Mithril Figures appealed to me, and that is where it all started. As the years have gone on I have moved to larger scale 1/6th figures, I have also done some scratch building of large SciFi Vehicles. There are a few others people whom I mix with who also do garage kits as well , I will include a few pages of their work as well.

I have kept the menu at the top of the page to numbers as some of the models featured have long names and I would have run out of space. I will list & link them here also.

1. The Spell 2.Jungle Girl 3. The Viking Dragon Keeper 4. Hungry Wolves 5. The Firebird 6. Flying Carpet 7.Me & Mrs Jones

8.The Mushroom Goblin 9. Caught Charging 10.The Slayer 11. Scrapyard Goblins 12. Pied Piper of Hamelin