Garage Kit Modeller

Welcome ....Please have a look around if you see anything you want any more info do not hesitate to drop me a line.

My names Scott Griffiths, I live and work in Plymouth UK. I have been an avid modeler for many years now with the old airfix kits as a kid but basically it all started again a while back in 1995 by sheer chance when I was house sitting for a mate who was a submariner based on one of Her majesties nuclear submarines . On one occasion one of his fellow crew members stayed at the house and started painting 25mm figures for playing "Dungeon & Dragons" which they did while at sea for long periods. As I was interested in LOTR at the time the Mithril Figures he was painting appealed to me, and that is where it all started. As the years have gone on and the eyes have got older I have moved to the much larger scale 1/6th figures.

I have been a member of the UKGK (United Kingdom Garage Kit) scene for about 5/6 years now. A lot more models of different genre can be now obtained and seen via Facebook. U.K.G.K. is one of the UK groups and so is Fantasy Realms UK and Worldwide Garage model group. State side we have Garage Kits.US and Resin Maniacs Board just to name a few.