The Firebird

Originally titled "The Phoenix" Designed built and cast by master kit builder Randy Cooper

The kit came originally as a 4 man craft but I had others ideas, to turned it into a single 1/24 scale fighter of the future. All I really had to do was to recast the front end which I did using the original resin front, covered in tinfoil and laid on a few layers of fibreglass matting. A bit of filler and I was away.

I purchase the full lighting kit from but decided not to use them in the end as I had some remote control car light which came pre wired. The engine light was from an old toy I found at a car boot sale and it worked a treat. The First image is off all the parts in the box (Notice the front cockpit is different). At the end of my images are some of Randy Cooper and his Phoenix .......Take a look and see what you think.

Randy Cooper and his "Phoenix"