GAPS2 - Global Arts and Psychology Seminar 

"Creativity in music and the arts"

York, Graz, La Plata, & Melbourne  14-16 September 2023

We are thrilled to welcome you to GAPS2. This conference aims to offer students and early career researchers (including MA, MSc, and  doctoral students, as well as postdocs) all around the globe an innovative platform through which ideas, experiences, insights, and knowledge about (the relationship between) music, art, and creativity can be shared in an inclusive and rigorous way. 

GAPS2 helps us to redefine the way in which academic conferencing is thought and implemented. How can we involve participants that may feel excluded from standard events? How can we cut the costs for those who may not have funding supporting their studies? And how can we reduce the impact that flying to conferences has for our environment?

GAPS2 is an event supported by ESCOM - the European society for the cognitive sciences of music. It offers an opportunity to explore areas that go beyond music, such as theater, cinema, dance, painting, and sculpture, from a psychological and interdisciplinary perspective.  GAPS2 anticipates the next ESCOM conference (to be held in July 2024), in terms of locations, hybrid format, and inclusivity.