Ganesha and His Amazing Friends

Once upon a time, Ganesha and his brother, Zac Efron, were heading to Rihanna's place for Thanksgiving dinner. There was Rihanna, Cardi B, Chris Hemsworth, Drake, and Kim Kardashian at the party! As Ganesha walked with his brother into Rihanna's house, his jaw dropped. There was a plate full of modaks! As Ganesha approached to the plate, he couldn't wait to get his hands on the modaks because of how amazing and warm they looked. Overall, it was a wonderful evening filled with laughter, love, and delicious foods. Unfortunately, there happened to be a little drama going around at dinner.

"How was the food, everyone?" asked Rihanna.

"It's amazing, Rihanna. Thanks for hosting and cooking the food!" said everyone at the dinner table.

"Yah, girl! Your potatoes are tastay!" said Cardi B.

"Yeah! Especially, with these modaks!" said Ganesha as he took one by one from the plate into his mouth.

"Ganesha, you need to chill and eat slow. You're embarrassing me in front of my friends," said Zac as he talked quietly to Ganesha.

"Who. Is. That. Guy," asked Kim Kardashian quietly to Chris Hemsworth as she watched Ganesha slobbering up his plate.

"That's Zac's little brother, Ganesha. I think he's pretty cool," said Chris.

"What is he doing here?" asked Kim.

"Zac just brought his brother here because his parents didn't want Ganesha to be at home alone," said Chris.

"Well. Honestly, he shouldn't be here at all," said Kim.

"Why would you say that?" asked Chris.

"Because I think he is sooooooo fat," said Kim Kardashian with a tone in her voice.

Towards the end of dinner, everyone was prepared to leave and headed towards the front door.

"I hope you all had an amazing time!" said Rihanna.

"Oh, we did. Thanks for having us! said Drake.

"Hey Rihanna, is it okay if I could take the rest of your leftover modaks home?" asked Ganesha.

"Yeah, bruh! Take whatever you want and need. I gotta stay fit for my photo-shoot tomorrow anyways," said Rihanna.

"Awesome, thanks!" said Ganesha.

"Aww, girl. You is nice," said Cardi B as she kissed Rihanna on the cheek for a goodbye.

"Alright, let's head home," said Zac to Ganesha.

As Ganesha and his brother were walking out from the front gate of Rihanna's home, Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, purposely bumped into Ganesha and made him drop his modaks on the floor.

"Ooooopps, ah-ha. My baaad..." said Kim as she flipped her hair.

"Hey, that wasn't very nice," said Zac.

"It's okay, Zac. Let's just go," said Ganesha as he picked up the modaks from the ground.

"Hey! What's yo problem, girl! said Cardi B as she walked up into the scene from her car with Drake and Chris Hemsworth.

"Nothing! It was just an accident," said Kim.

"Don't lie, I saw the whole thing," said Drake.

"Yeah, I also remembered at dinner that you told me you wished Ganesha wasn't here at our party," said Chris.

"Why did you not want Ganesha here at our party?" asked Cardi B.

"Because. Because I don't think he fits in with us at our party," said Kim Kardashian.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... Why would you say that?" asked Zac Efron.

"Because I think he is fat. That's all," said Kim.

Ganesha started to cry and stumbled on the ground with his modaks.

"Excuse me?!" said Zac.

"Girl, look what you did. You be messing with the wrong people," said Cardi B as she took off her earrings and heels to prepare for a slap at Kim Kardashian's face.

"Cardi, it's okay. Say you're sorry or else we won't invite you to our next Thanksgiving dinner. Ever," said Chris Hemsworth as he held onto Cardi B before she could slap Kim.

Kim didn't really want to miss another celebrity Thanksgiving dinner so that she could post her future pictures on Instagram. Therefore, she said sorry, but didn't really mean it. However, as Kim Kardashian looked down at Ganesha, she realized that she felt sorry for hurting him.

"Ganesha, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking correctly, and I shouldn't be talking behind someone's back. It just runs in the Kardashian family! I'm truly sorry and I won't intentionally hurt anyone else ever again. Would you please forgive me?" said Kim Kardashian as she picked up Ganesha's modaks off the floor.

"I understand. You are a Kardashian! I accept your apology," said Ganesha with a smile.

As Kim Kardashian picked Ganesha up, she hugged and kissed him on the cheek to make up for the things that she had said. Everyone became happy and went off to their homes. Having true friends that can stick up for someone is the best thing that anyone could have ever asked for, just like how Cardi B, Zac Efron, Drake, and Chris Hemsworth did for Ganesha. You should always call out bulling when you see it. It could hurt someone drastically and people would never know how much it could affect a person's life. That is why having true friends and a family is valuable to keep.

Author's Note:

The original story was about a moon making fun of Ganesha for eating too many modaks. It started off when Ganesha was invited to a grand feast. One late evening after the feast, Ganesha was heading home with his mouse that he used as his vehicle. All of a sudden, Ganesha lost his balance and fell off of the mouse. As Ganesha fell into the ground, all of the Modaks that Ganesha has eaten from the grand fest fell out of his tummy. Then Ganesha hears someone laughing in the back, but did not know who as he looked around. However, as he looked up, it was the moon that was laughing right at him. Therefore, Ganesha became so annoyed that he threw his tusk towards moon and a huge portion of the moon came off. The moon stopped laughing and became very upset. The Moon was so upset that tears came running down his face. Ganesha then realized that he felt sorry for the moon. So Ganesha told the moon that he will get his full shape back as time goes by.

I picked this story because it was interesting to read and had helped me learn more about Ganesha! It made me realize that I could use this story and turn it into something better for the readers to take in as a moral. Overall, I added the celebrity names to make it more fun for the readers. I did use similar concepts from the original story, but twist things around to add a sense of humor. The purpose for this story was to remind the readers that people out in this world should never be alone while going through the hardships. This could be a life lesson that bullying can affect many lives as well.

Bibliography: When Ganesha Broke His Tusk, by Goutam P. Sen.