It's team building time!


Who leads the team? Initially it will be me, David Hayden! Anyone interested in becoming a team member should contact us. Some people will have leadership roles and leadership next actions to contribute.

The main goal is to communicate as much as possible, regarding project aspects, on this site. This vision aggregation may help visitors decide if they may want to contribute - either with talent, and/or a financial contribution via Kickstarter.

I believe this project weighs heavily on learner user developer. User involvement is what is missing in current input systems. You are the user!

Contact me to get involved, I am building a team now!

Meet the team

My name is David Hayden. I am a lifetime tinkerer, inventor, and fixer. I have had this keyboard vision for 20 years. I strive to be a more ergonomic holistic computer user. This project will create a robustly developed, and experienced, input device, and reach a near perfect design in the near future - which will change the user experience!

David Hayden









We would be honored if you choose to join the team!

Pulse Type system hopes to provide users with everything that is lacking currently with our technology.