What is your product? Keyboards or Gaming Chairs?

Keyboards. Gaming chairs are currently in prototype development, for virtual reality bumper cars. So, possibly both Keyboards and Gaming Chairs

Who created the mixed up QWERTY keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes around the 1870's.

QWERTY is a silent efficacy killer, decreases game enjoyment, and life frustration maximizer, it's a cruel joke on the modern age, a relic from the past.

How will the PulseType System reach early adopter Kickstarter funders?

Initially, via a smart phone app. It works better for a tablet, physical stand alone keyboards, and flop pad touch sense keyboards. Every way we can deliver a better user input experience, users will benefit.

When will product reach user hands?

Ergonomic adjustment can be achieved now. Check out free ergonomic adjustment in the side bar now. As far as the PulseType layout, the sooner this product is available to users in a fully tested, and is fully functioning, the better. The timeline of production, procurement, and delivery, will be addressed via multiple outsource manufactures to determine multiple prototype styles of the new keyboard.

Why not just use a voice-to-text system of input?

A user may be choking, or unable to talk or speak. Privacy is another factor. Users may integrate voice-to-text with the PulseType system. Navigation Control, all at ones finger tips initially, then users may utilize the same commands with voice control. It is best to provide users both options, allowing them to customize the ideal set up for them, in a given situation.