Galen Skibyak

About Me

Hello!  I am Galen Skibyak and I have always dreamed of making games.   I graduated in May 2018 from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Anthropology and again in December 2020 with a Master of Arts in History.  As an undergraduate, I was a Crimson Scholar and graduated with Distinction in University Honors after completing a series of Honors courses and a capstone thesis, Ikebana’s Journey to the West:  History, Symbolism, & the Post World War II Rise in America, while in graduate school, I produced the thesis Kitsune: A Look into the Lasting Presence of the Fox Spirit in Japanese Culture.  For a sample of my Master's thesis, click here!

I have a passion for gaming and the dream of becoming a writer or history consultant for video, board, or tabletop roleplaying games.  In my spare time, I run a variety of social media profiles and operate as a content creator for various websites such as YouTube and Twitch, as well as write and play numerous board and video games.  In the past, I have acted and voice acted for plays and videos, designed flower arrangements, and helped create a collegiate eSports team.  This website hosts more information about me and my work!


MA History:  New Mexico State University (Dec. 2020, GPA: 4.0)

Thesis: Kitsune: A Look into the Lasting Presence of the Fox Spirit in Japanese Culture

BA History; Minor: Anthropology;  New Mexico State University (May 2018, GPA: 3.82)

Honors Thesis: Ikebana’s Journey to the West:  History, Symbolism, & the Post World War II Rise in America*

*Presented at Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium April 18

Distinction in University Honors; Leadership Scholarship; Clark-Kropp Scholarship


·     Programming: Basic HTML, Harlowe, and Twine

·     Social Media Coordinator and Content Creator: YouTube,, Twitter

·     Photo/Video Editing: Wondershare Filmora, Gimp, OBS, Streamlabs OBS, XSplit

·     Video Conferencing: Zoom, Discord, Skype

·     Productivity: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher / Google Docs, Sheets, Sites

· Adobe Creative Suite: Acrobat, Photoshop



·      Excellent written and oral communication skills

·      Proven organizational skills, including time and task management

·      Comfortable working independently or as part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary team

·      Confident project and group leader

·      Passionate with a strong desire to learn and improve

·      Critical thinker and enthusiastic self-starter who prioritizes tasks and assignments

·      Robust analytical and mathematical skills up to Calculus II

·      Highly flexible under pressure with changing/short deadlines and managing competing priorities

·      Excellent attention to detail

·      Experienced working remotely and in-person


Game Design

·      3+ years of designing/composing content for interactive, dialogue-based Indie video game scripts

·      1+ years of developing and creating tabletop/board games and crafting mechanics

·      Wrote manuals and designing sell sheets

·      Crafted original designs, worlds, dialogue, languages, settings, and adventures as Game Master

·      Created unique interactive characters with diverse personalities and complex backstories

·      Wrote art and story briefs for characters, settings, and plot elements.

·      Collaborated to produce intertwined stories, elaborate worlds, and cohesive tone and details

·      Ported board games to Tabletop Simulator

·      Presented prototypes at Protospiel Online for playtesting, user feedback, and improving user experience

Writing and Editing

·      12+ years of creative writing experience

·      Taught others composition, proofreading, and editing for multiple fields

·      Reviewed files and documents prior to delivery for quality control

·      Researched, wrote, and presented an undergraduate Honors & a history Master’s thesis

·      Trained in technical writing and wrote many scientific and historical research papers

·      Maintained internal documentation for story, setting, and product development

·      Created an “Instructables” guide to XSplit streaming, generating over 50,000 views



·      Synthesized primary and secondary sources to generate complete products

·      Integrated pop culture, history, and interdisciplinary studies into cohesive projects

·      Utilized various archives and online databases to conduct research

·      Performed fact-checking and source evaluation

·      Created presentations, lectures, and assignments based on research


Leadership and Teaching

·      Led Game Development Club team and liaised between groups for 24-Hour Game Jam

·      Worked with game designers, artists, and others to realize a shared vision

·      Elected to leadership roles in multiple clubs, societies, and organizations

·      Instructed students, led classroom activities, and graded assignments across multiple disciplines from middle school to undergraduate level

·      Designed engaging presentations (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Nearpod) and assignments based on state curriculum, and district guidelines

·      Organized fundraisers and events for clubs and charities


·  Extra Life Charity Guild of Albuquerque Member, Nov. 2015-Present

·  NMSU Game Development Club Member and Secretary, Jan. 2017-Aug. 2019

·  NMSU Floral Design Team Member and Social Media Manager, Jun. 2017-May 2018

·  National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member, Jan. 2015-May 2018

·  NMSU Crimson Scholar, Aug. 2014-May 2018

·  NMSU eSports Association Overwatch Team Coordinator, Aug. 2016-May 2017