Gail Ann Gibbs

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Welcome to My Website!

Hello, and welcome to the website of Gail Ann Gibbs. I write speculative fiction, mysteries, short stories, and generally whatever weird idea pops into my head. You can learn more about me in my Biography, and about my books in Books.


SUMMERTIME, AND THE LIVING IS EASY: Not much goes on in the summer in Arizona. Mostly, everyone stays inside keeping cool, which makes it a good time to catch up on writing. I hope to be very productive and have lots to tell you about in the fall. Meanwhile, it's time to slurp another Eegees.

NEW BLOGGING ADVENTURE: I have been blogging sort-of on Goodreads, but it's always been glitchy, and I suspect they want to get out of the blog hosting business. So I'm struggling through figuring out Blogspot, and I'll be switching over in a couple of months. Meanwhile, you can follow my stuggles on


Stay updated by following me on your favorite social media. I can also be found among the Arizona Mystery Writers and Saguaro Romance Writers, both great groups for writers and highly recommended!


someday on Wattpad. Wattpad experts, contact me. I could use some advice.