OK, maybe not so soon, but it will be a really cool dystopian romance/adventure kind of thing. Meanwhile, I wanted you see the great cover designed for me by Jaycee DeLorenzo of Sweet 'N Spicy Designs. She's the Best!


Huge, green, and scaly, alien Professor J’o’ Ka Joarchim can’t convince the local peasants that he’s not a man-eating monster. The villagers chain a young woman to a cliff in sacrifice to him, but she has her own ideas about that. Helping her escape only aggravates the situation, and J'o' ends up with a collection of luckless human victims, all increasingly dependent on him for their survival.

THEY CALLED ME DRAGON is the story of a feisty young heroine, an assortment of outcasts, and one very confused alien as they conquer the Dark Ages and become legends in the process.


Cowboys gather around the campfire to solve a murder... Fear brings out the dragon in good men...The riskiest part of space travel turns out to be the paperwork... and more.

Five speculative fiction short stories are presented here, all of which have won contests or been accepted for publication in various venues. Gathered from their various homes, online and off, they are combined into one enjoyable volume. Tales of murderers, dragons, and bureaucrats mingle cheerfully together in this off-beat collection.


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