Proctor Instructions

Instructions for Room Monitors

1. When the students come in to your room, count the students and count the number of Event 1 papers. If you do not have enough Event 1 papers, then come immediately to the scoring room to get more. Do not leave the contest papers in the room unattended! During the first event, please count the papers for the remaining events to ensure that you have enough.

2. The desks should be arranged in columns of eight if possible. Each team should sit in a column. You should be able to see all students clearly.

3. Have all students place their calculators under their seats and turn off and put away all cell phones and music players (iPods).

4. You may hand out scratch paper and the first event (face down) when all the students are in your room or the time is 6:15. The students should keep their papers face down. On the back of the first round test is the Student Rules Policy. Read this policy aloud and make sure all students in the room understand the rules. Have every student sign and date the rules. Once all students have indicated they understand the rules and agree to abide by them, you may give the signal to begin the event. Remind the students to put their names and team names on the top of the problem side of the first event!

5. You are responsible for timing each event and keeping the meet moving. Each event lasts 15 minutes. You may want to write your name, the starting time, and the ending time on the board. Announce when 2 minutes remain for the event. All writing must stop when the event is over.

6. When you collect the papers, collect them by team. To keep the teams separate, criss-cross each stack of team papers. Check to make sure each paper has a name. A runner will collect the papers at the end of each event. If you need more scratch paper or more event papers, please inform the runner.

7. Please be alert to which events allow calculators and which do not. Students should have their calculators under their desks for those events where calculators are not allowed. Students should place their calculator covers under their desks for those events where calculators are allowed. Students may not share calculators during individual events.

8. Electronic foreign-language translators may be used during the fourth round and team round. A paper translation dictionary may be used on any round

9. Students are NOT allowed to have iPods, mp3 players or headphones during the events. Cell phones may not be used and are to be turned off. Absolutely no texting. If someone uses an iPod, cell phone, or other electronic device, confiscate the device and return it to the student after the team round. Get the name of the student and their school and inform the student's advisor or a member of the executive committee of the incident before the awards ceremony.

10. WATCH THE TEAMS CLOSELY! We have had incidents of cheating in the past. As you walk around the room to monitor, check to see that each student has their name on their paper. Make sure they keep their eyes on their own papers. Also, watch as papers are passed in to make sure answers are not copied.

11. Any disciplinary problems with the students should be brought to the attention of the host school advisor and executive committee members immediately.

12. For the team event students may arrange their desks in a group. Remind them that they will be handing in only 1 paper. The paper should have the team captain's name and the team name on the top.

13. When you are finished with the team event, please have the students put their used scratch paper in the recycling container. Also, have the students return the desks to their original positions. They may then proceed to the awards area to pick up answer keys and wait for the awards.

14. You are responsible for bringing the completed team events to the scoring room for scoring. Please do this immediately as we cannot determine team standings until all team events have been turned in.

15. Please help yourself to refreshments in the scoring room.

Thank-you for your help ! !

(Revised 10/26/2010)