League Procedures


Rules and Procedures

EXECUTIVE TEAM: The Executive Team consists of the four executive positions (President, Treasurer, Trophies/Medals & Webpage secretary, and the statistics secretary) plus a person "at large". The "at large" member is elected for a one year term at the annual meeting. The Executive Team makes all decisions on league issues. If the Executive Team feels that the issue warrants it, they will bring it before all league members for discussion and vote.

*** 2018-19 Special Exception: In order to maintain the voting membership of the Executive Team as representatives from different schools, the statistician shall be a non-voting member of the executive team and an additional “at-large” member shall be designated. This exception shall be reviewed at the 2019 annual meeting with the possibility of becoming a permanent bylaw.

FEES: Annual League Fee: $80 (payable at first meet to Fox Valley Math League): Note: Schools should anticipate an increase in dues of up to $20 more per year starting in the 2019-20 school year.

    • This allows for one team of 8 at each regular meet and 2 teams of 5 at the J.V. Meet.
    • League schools - extra teams: $2.00 (this fee is payable to the host school) As a matter of courtesy to the host school, if you sign up for "x" number of teams, you should pay for "x" teams, even if you actually bring fewer teams.
    • Non-member schools: $20.00 for the first team, payable to the FVML. Non-member schools may bring more than one team at the discretion of the host school. Fees for extra teams are $5 payable to the host school.
    • JV Meet for non-member schools is $15
    • JV. Meet-extra teams: $1.00

SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP: For a school to become a member of the Fox Valley Math League the following conditions exist:

    • League Boundaries are Ripon on the west, Fond du Lac on the south, the lake on the east and Freedom on the north. The Executive Team will discuss/decide whether to admit the school based on boundaries and the number of students participating at the meets
    • The school wishing membership must petition the Executive Team to join the league not later than September 15th. If the school petitions after September 15th, they may come to the meets only as an invited guest.

MEMBER SCHOOL OBLIGATIONS: It is the obligation of every member school to follow these guidelines:

    • Each school must have a qualified math teacher as an advisor to the team and a qualified math teacher must attend the meets to help with scoring.
    • Each school must pay league dues by the second meet. Since the FVML budget is based on membership dues, all member schools must pay dues every year even if they do not attend any or all of the meets. Any member school not paying dues will be dropped from membership and must petition for reinstatement.
    • Each school must attend meets regularly. If a member school does not attend at least three meets in a school year, the issue to remove the school from the league will be voted on at the May meeting. The school will be allowed to petition the league to be allowed to stay in the league.
    • Each school must host a meet every three to four years or write questions a meet if their facilities do not allow them to host.


    • Non-member schools are invited at the discretion of the host school. If a non-member school is considering league membership and is planning to petition for membership, every effort should be made to invite them to the regularly scheduled meets for that year.
    • Non-member schools may bring more than one team with the permission of the host school.
    • Individuals from non-member schools are eligible for individual meet awards but are not eligible for end-of-year individual awards. Non-member teams are not eligible for either meet or end-of year team awards (plaques).
    • Fees are $20 per meet for the first team which is payable to the FVML. Extra teams are $5 each per meet and are payable to the host school.


    • Each school will be allowed to enter one or more teams consisting of eight students per team of any grade level from 9 to 12.
    • Students on team #1 must be enrolled at the school and in grades 9-12.
    • Non-league schools participating may only enter one (1) team.
    • A "first" team must be designated prior to the beginning of the meet if more than one team is entered from a school. If a school wishes to enter more than two (2) teams at a particular meet, as a matter of courtesy, the advisor should receive permission from the host school.
    • A school is to provide one math teacher/two teams entered to help with the running of the meet. Scoring and proctoring duties should be rotated among the advisors. If a school will be bringing less than one advisor for every two teams, they likewise must receive permission from the host school.
    • Home-schooled students may attend as a guest of one of the schools, however, they may not be on team #1 unless they are enrolled at a course in the school. If home-schooled students wish to be on team one, they should form their own team and petition the league for membership.

JV Meet

    • The J. V. meet is for sophomore and younger students. Students from Jr. High or Middle schools in the same district may participate, but are to be counted as one of the teams from the member school that is sponsoring them.
    • Because League points are not recorded for this meet any of the teams from a league member school may win the first place trophy
    • Any student eligible for the J. V. Meet who has won a medal in 2 of the first 3 regular meets may not compete for the individual or team awards in the J. V. Meet however these students may attend and form their own team for the fun of it
    • As noted above, teams for this Meet consist of 5 students, and the team event only contains 4 questions. A team can be made of any mixture of grade levels. Any 8th grade and younger students can be on any JV team and any JV team can win the meet in their division.
    • A trophy will be awarded to the top team in each of the divisions (large school, small school). Medals to places 1-5 awarded to Sophomores, 1-5 to Freshmen, and 1-3 for 8th grade and younger. Number of medals may be adjusted if there are a large number of ties.

MEET RULES and SCORING: Each Written Meet consists of four (4) individual events and one (1) team event. The individual events each consist of 4 questions worth 1, 2, 3 and 4 points (total of 10 possible points/event). The team event is six (6) questions each worth ten (10) points (4 questions in the J. V. meet). Students work individually on the first 4 events and may cooperate on the team event. If a school hosts a "Math Bowl" different format and rules may apply.

The Host School shall provide copies of the answers (solutions) for the students to review after completion of the events and prior to the awards. Clean copies of the events and answers will be provided to each school participating. And one folder per team is advised for the scoring room.

For the purpose of the TEAM trophies and standings the FVML is divided into two (2) divisions. The Large School (school enrollment > or = 1000) and the Small School (enrollment < 1000). Team trophies will be awarded in each division. The designated first teams compete for the first place trophy at each meet and for the end of the year trophies (2). Each school in the league is awarded points toward the end of the year trophies at each meet. The first place school is awarded points equal to 2 times the number of teams (an) in the league. The second place school gets 2(n - 1) points. The third place school: 2(n - 2) etc. Ties for a position: league placement points are averaged. In case of ties at the end of the season, teams will be awarded duplicate trophes.

Students should be informed that the scoring team will mark a problem wrong, for any of the following conditions including, but not limited to:

    • Answers that are messy, smudged, unreadable, unclear, or ambiguous.
    • More than one answer to a problem
    • Non-standard form. (For example, the answer 12 cannot be written as XII, 1100, 1.2x10^1, etc)
    • Answers that do not adhere to specific instructions given in the problem.

If an answer to a problem is in question, the host school will rule on the validity of any answer. The host school may also ask the executive committee to make a ruling.

Team members are to bring any errors to the attention of their advisor. The advisor will then present the errors to the attention of the scoring team for correction. No corrections will be made after the "LAST CALL" for corrections

CALCULATORS: Round four of each meet and the team event will be calculator events. Students will not be allowed to share calculators during individual events. When answers are not "exact value" students are to use unrounded irrational values for calculations and round to the requested place after all computations are completed.

No electronic devices of any kind may be used for non-calculator rounds including foreign language translators. Students needing help with translation should bring a paper copy dictionary. Proctors in the room are not allowed to interpret questions for the students.

PRESS RELEASES: A press release copy will be posted on the Fox Valley Math League web site as soon as possible after each meet.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: In case of snow an attempt will be made to contact schools about postponing a meet by 2:30 pm. The make-up date is the following Monday.


    • Each Meet: One plaque for the first place League member ("first") team in each of the two divisions. Medals to the top 5 or 6 place individuals (depending on ties) in each of three (3) divisions-Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores/Freshmen. Ties in the individual categories are awarded duplicate medals. There will be no medals given to students below grade 9.
    • Students on any team are eligible for an individual medal in their division, but they must be enrolled at a course in the school.
    • Final League: (J.V. results are not included in League standings) Plaques to the top two (2) league schools in each division (first and second place or co-champions). Individuals have lowest meet score thrown out. (The thrown out score is considered in case of ties.) The top 8 individuals (from member schools) regardless of grade or school division are designated as the All League Team and are awarded a plaque. Medals are awarded to the next five students from member schools) in each grade level division as 2nd Team All League.

Revised 9/11/2018