League Procedures


Rules and Procedures

SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP:  For a school to be a member of the Fox Valley Math League the following conditions must be met:

MEMBER SCHOOL OBLIGATIONS: It is the obligation of every FVML member school to follow these guidelines:



FEES: Annual League Membership Dues: $150 payable to “Fox Valley Math League” at the first meet of the year.

MEET FORMAT:  Each written meet consists of four individual events and one team event, with questions from high-school level math including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, number theory, advanced algebra, precalculus, and probability.  The individual events each consist of 4 questions worth 1, 2, 3 and 4 points (total of 10 possible points/event). The team event is six (6) questions each worth ten (10) points (4 questions in the JV meet). Students work individually on the first 4 events and may cooperate on the team event. Any deviation of this format, including a "Math Bowl" format, must be approved by the league at the annual meeting.

CALCULATORS: Round four of each meet and the team event will be calculator events.   Students will not be allowed to share calculators during individual events. When answers are not "exact value" students are to use unrounded irrational values for calculations and round to the requested place after all computations are completed.

No electronic devices of any kind may be used for non-calculator rounds including foreign language translators. Students needing help with translation should bring a paper copy dictionary. Proctors in the room are not allowed to interpret questions for the students. 

HOST SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS:  The host school shall provide copies of the answers (worked out solutions) for the students to review after completion of the events and prior to the awards. Clean copies of the events and answers will be provided to each school participating. One folder per team is advised for the scoring room. Upon completion of the meet, the questions and answers shall be uploaded to the archives section of this website.


For the purpose of the team standings and league competition among member schools, the league is divided into two divisions:

Team trophies will be awarded in each division. The designated first teams compete for the first place trophy at each meet and for the end of the year trophies. Each school in the league is awarded “league points” toward the end of the year awards at each meet. The first place school is awarded league points equal to 2 times the number of teams (n) in the division. The second place school gets 2(n - 1) points. The third place school: 2(n - 2) etc. In case of a tie for a position, the league points are averaged among the tying schools. In case of ties at the end of the season, teams will be awarded duplicate trophies. Any teams absent from a competition will be considered to have placed last and awarded the appropriate number of league points.

SCORING Students should be informed/aware that the scoring team will mark a problem wrong, for any of the following conditions including, but not limited to:

If an answer to a problem is in question, the host school advisor and members of the executive team in the scoring room will rule on the validity of any answer.


CORRECTIONS:  Team members are to bring any scoring errors immediately to the attention of their advisor. The advisor will then present the errors to the attention of the scoring team before the awards ceremony begins. No corrections will be made after the awards ceremony has begun.  A “last call for corrections” announcement will be made prior to the deadline.

RESULTS: Meet results, team and individual standings, archived tests, and other important information will be posted on the Fox Valley Math League web site as soon as possible after each meet has concluded.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: In case of snow or other severe weather or hazardous conditions, an attempt will be made to contact schools about postponing a meet by 2:30 pm, and information will be posted on the website as soon as possible. Make-up events will usually be the following Monday.



EXECUTIVE TEAM:  The Executive Team consists of five executive positions: President ($50 honorarium), Vice-President ($50 honorarium), Treasurer ($50 honorarium), Statistician ($250 honorarium), and Public Relations ($100 honorarium). The Executive Team makes decisions on league issues during the season. If the Executive Team feels that the issue is significant and warrants a full vote, they will bring it before all league members for discussion and vote. 

Executive Team Special Exception:  If two or more of the executive positions are filled by individuals from the same school, only the most senior of them will receive voting privileges.  Additional at-large members shall then be elected in order to keep the number of votes cast by the executive team to five. As much as possible, a balance of large and small schools with voting rights in the executive committee shall be maintained.

Executive Team Roles and Responsibilities

Revised 5/22/2019

Revised 9/28/2022 (Changed league dues from 100 to 110)

Revised 11/21/2022 (Changed wording for JV meet eligibility to "2 of the previous meets that season")

Revised 6/1/2023: fees to $150, added Public Relations position and honorariums