Lots of electronic devices such as computer memories require the operation at the high frequencies. There have been high demands to understand / develop the ultrafast behaviors of order parameters such as spin, charge, strain, conductivity to be used as information at timescale of nanosecond or shorter.

Recent advances in complex oxide thin film synthesis and in first principles calculations have intensified the basic research on functionalities at nanoscale dimensions. Many workers have reported intriguing dynamics phenomena occurring in ultrathin films, such as nanosecond relaxation of polarization, switching dynamics, and fast recovery to stripe domain patterns. On the other hand, the mechanism and dynamics in ultrathin films have rarely been investigated in spite of their scientific and technological importance.

We study the dynamics of piezoelectric/ferroelectric/multiferroic materials using our unique technique, i.e., time-resolved x-ray diffraction microscopy, which provides great opportunities us to study the crystallographic structures strongly correlated to the strain, polarization, and spin orders. We aim to find a new material for the ultrafast devices.

School of Materials and Science Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST),

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