We would like to thanks our continuing and new sponsors; without their help, learning about robotics and sharing our passion of STEM would be a lot more difficult.

4H Westchester County

The 4H clubs are doing a fantastic jobs at reaching young people and sharing their passion and knowledge. A huge thanks to the Westchester Extension of the Cornell Cooperative, our 4H club in the state of New York.

You can learn more about their wonderful programs here (link).

4-H is now supporting us for six years in a row, for which we thank them greatly.


IBM is a dominant computer manufacture which leads the field in computer architecture and its applications, for example to the field of cognitive and big data. It is a very generous sponsor of our program, a testament of its long term vision for building the engineers and thoughtful leaders.

You can learn more about IBM research here (link).

IBM is another amazing sponsor who is supporting us for a their six year in a row.

Vulcan Springs

Vulcan Spring makes great linear springs that are good enough for NASA, and they will make your robot rock. We greatly appreciated their in-kind donation, which powered our robot all the way to Worlds.

You can learn more about this company here (link).

Vulcan Springs is supporting us for a fifth year.


Overleaf is a free, collaborative, cloud-based LaTeX editor which makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier. Overleaf's award-winning collaboration technology is now in use by over 2.9 million researchers, students and technical writers in institutions, labs and industry worldwide. It’s simple and intuitive to use – all you need is a web browser.

We use their awesome product to write our Engineering Notebook. You too can take your notebook to the next level using their product for free. Visit them here (link).

Overleaf has been sponsoring us for three years.


Zpacks is a high-tech outdoor equipment web store known for outstanding tents, backpacks, and clothing. They use ultra-strong Dyneema Composite Fabrics that is used, among others, for America Cup's sails. They provided us with strong Dyneema Cords that does not stretch, is light and strong, and has an excellent sheathing. Their cords lifted us all the way to the world championships.

Learn more about the company here, and their strings here (link).

Zpacks is now on their fifth year of supporting our team.

US Academy at West Point

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point is the stellar institution training Cadets to become leaders of character and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United State Army. They have outstanding centers of excellence, including Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a robotic program as well as Physics and Nuclear Engineering.

You can learn more about this outstanding institution here (link).

The Department of Physics has been very generous to us, providing some of their expertise to our team, with regards to machining complex aluminum parts.

4 imprint

4imprint make terrific shirts and marketing gear. Because of their generousity our team looks great!

You can learn more about this company here (link).

4imprint started supporting us last year, giving us wonderful clothing and a good team look!


Igus is a renowned manufacturer of high-tech polymer bearings. It has products that are very suitable for FTC and FRC. Our team appreciated their expertise and their generous in-kind donation of linear slides.

You can learn more about their products here, and their linear slides here (link).

IGUS is now supporting us with parts for five years.