Welcome to Robocracy 4H

FTC 9773

We are a FIRST Tech Challenge Team based in Northern Westchester, New York.

We are passionate about FIRST, STEM, and Robotics. We share our knowledge with our local community through a robust outreach program.

Team currently on a break.

As folks have graduated and COVID continues to be active, the team is currently on a break. But feel free to continue reaching out to us, we are happy to help anyway we can.

Team for Skystone Season

In the News

Excelcior Championship

We recieved the Motivate Award 1st place, which reward teams that helps the community with STEM and robotics. We also recived Inspire Award 2nd place, which rewards teams with best overal achievement. Inspire Award is the highest award granted by FTC.

What a wonderful way to cap this season. Congrats to all.

Excelcior Q3 Qualifier

Scores a high of 186 points and the team is advancing to the State Championship based on our Inspire Award. So excited to continue the adventure for a bit longer.

Bob Lee interviews the team on BronxNet TV about our COVID-19 Shields.

Aired June 1st, 2020.

Making Shields for COVID-19

June 2020.