Søren Bang wrote a news item about the findings from a comprehensive survey of philosophers with expertise on social discounting that I conducted with three co-authors (Danish and English).

Søren Bang wrote a news item about the results of the a comprehensive global expert survey on carbon pricing that I conducted with two co-authors (Danish and English).

I was interviewed by Søren Bang about social discounting and the significance of the work that I have done together with co-authors on the topic (Danish and English).

I discussed the economics of climate change with Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt and Maximiliane Sievert in a series of Youtube clips for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings (English).

Together with Martin Hänsel, I was interviewed about climate economics support for the UN climate targets by the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings (English).

I presented on social discounting at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). This was broadcasted nationally for high school students as a part of an educational program (Norwegian).

I presented on intergenerational altruism and the Ramsey rule at the University of Oslo as part of my public defense for the PhD degree (English).