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We would like to thank Milan Lahučký of Love Inline for speed slalom and freestyle battle videos:


We would like to invite you to a freestyle slalom competition that will be held on Saturday 19th of August 2017 in Športová Hala Mladosť, Bratislava, Slovakia (Trnavská 39). Skaters will compete in 3 disciplines: speed slalom, freestyle battle and high jump. The competition welcomes both new and seasoned slalom skaters. There is no age limitation. You can use either inline or quad skates. We aim to have both junior (below 16 years old) and senior categories if at least 3 competitors are available for a particular discipline.

The event is part of World Slalom Series as a 1-cone (100 points) event. The disciplines will be judged according to the latest 2017 WSSA rules.

Facebook event:


Registration is now open. Please see the Registration link on top of the site.

Sponsors & Partners

SEBA Skates, World Slalom Series,, IBL Software Engineering


  • Main judge: Tomáš Pour (CZE)
  • Judge: Anna Horvath / Sándor Duma (HUN)
  • Judge: Ingrid Švajčiaková / Boris Burger (SVK)


There is no fee for non-competitors and the event is open for public. For competitors there is a 10€ registration fee. You can apply for discounted 5€ registration fee if you are only interested in 1 of the "smaller" disciplines (speed slalom or high jump). Competitors taking part in multiple disciplines and competitors interested in freestyle battle are paying the full registration fee of 10€.

Recreational Skating

The hall is quite large and we will have an area open for recreational skating (around 23 x 14m, but could get a bit smaller depending on needs of individual disciplines). The best time is in the afternoon between 12:30 - 17:30, because before 12:00 we need a bit more space for speed slalom discipline.

Venue & Transportation

This will be an indoor event. ŠH Mladosť is a sports hall with 30 x 42 m hardwood floor. There is Kaufland grocery store next to the hall with a 3 story parking lot.

You can reach the place easily by a car or by a bus. It is located next to bus stop Sabinovská (Kaufland). Bus number 61 stops here (just 10 minutes direct connection from Main Railway Station), buses 39 and 63, trolleybuses 204 and 205.

If driving from Czech Republic on the highway the easiest is to cross the Danube river to Petržalka (Lafranconi bridge), follow the Žilina/D1 signs on the highway, cross the river again (Prístavný most) and use the highway Exit Prievoz towards Bajkalská street.

From Hungary if driving on M1 and later M15 you can avoid the slovak highway by using exit number 14 at Rajka, use the old Rajka border crossing, drive through Rusovce town to Petržalka and continue to Prístavný most (follow Žilina/D1 signs), cross the Danube and at the end of the bridge leave the highway by following Exit Prievoz signs towards Bajkalská street.


Please note the schedule is preliminary. We are trying to fit in junior disciplines (if there will be at least 3 competitors in a discipline). The times might shift depending on number of competitors in the disciplines.

Saturday 19.8.2017:

  • 08:00 Venue opens
  • 09:00 Registration, warm up
  • 09:30 Speed slalom (qualifications, K.O. rounds, finals)
  • 12:00-12:30 Registration, warm up for freestyle battle
  • 12:30 Battle junior women
  • 13:30 Battle junior men
  • 14:30 Battle senior women
  • 15:30 Battle senior men
  • 16:30 High jump junior
  • 17:00 High jump senior
  • 17:30 Award Ceremony


If you are looking for a place to stay in Bratislava, out of the still available, not too expensive and decent hotels we think these ones are good options (prices are for 1 night stay):

  • "Garni Aviator" - 47.50€ for 2 persons, or 85€ per 4 persons per night (renovated, by the airport)
  • "Hotel Color" - 42€ for 2 persons
  • "Penzion Hviezda" - 42€ for 2 persons
  • "Garni G Hotel" - 36€ for 2 persons (a cheaper hotel with shared bathroom)
  • "Hotel Bratislava" - 72€ for 2 persons or 82€ for 3 persons (if you can spend a bit more this hotel is well known)

Student dormitory on Vazovova st. also operates "Hotel Akademik" and we heard it is good:

Out of more affordable student dormitories that have rooms available in summer, one recommendation is "Mladá Garda" ( which charges 11€ per person in double room (i.e. 22 per two persons). It went through renovations in recent years.

Regarding hostels good ones are "Hostel Blues" near city centre or "4friends" at Račianska (in "Manhattan" building).