Are you a resident of Freedom, New Hampshire? Are you a senior in need of assistance and wonder where you can obtain more information?

You can find out more information here or by calling the Senior Resource Coordinator.

Information & Resources for Seniors

The role of Senior Resource Coordinator is to provide services and programs to enrich the lives of older residents of Freedom, New Hampshire

Services available:

  • Provide information regarding programs and services available in regards to:

    • health services

    • housing and residential care

    • nutrition

    • recreation and fitness

    • transportation

    • education opportunities

  • Assist with different areas of need (examples include: food affordability, food pantries, homelessness, legal services, social security tax assistance, veterans programs and many others)

  • organize programs and activities that sharpen the minds, improve the physical and emotional health of individuals and encourage involvement in community life.

Contact: Renée Wheaton

Senior Resource Coordinator or 802-424-2074