Since my Ph.D. at Sorbonne University (Paris, FR) carried out under the supervision of Prof. Michael Joyce, my research has evolved very considerably, in both its subject matter and methods, and my research background has mainly focused on interdisciplinarity: from fractal analysis of structures in cosmology to conformational changes of complex biological systems in biophysics and stability of nanoparticle-stabilized emulsion in chemical engineering. I collaborate closely with different communities such as theoretical physicists, computational physicists, cosmologists, biophysicists, biologists, chemists and engineers. What characterizes my work and makes it particularly original, is that it attempts to approach problems both at equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium from a different perspective to the usual one. My research aims to tackle fundamental, and quite general, open questions. It has been focusing on multiscale modelling of nano/bio-inspired technologies to advance new functional materials and knowledges and advanced simulation techniques in computational physics/chemistry.

last update: November 2018

Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences - King's College London