Research Interests

  • Financial decision making

  • Pensions

  • Annuities and long-term care insurance

  • Asymmetric information on insurance markets

Published Papers and Book Chapters

  • Nursing home aversion post-pandemic: Implications for savings and long-term care policy (2022), with B. Achou, P. deDonder, M. Lee and M.-L. Leroux. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

  • Pensions, annuities, and long-term care insurance: On the impact of risk screening (2021), with M. M. Boyer. The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review.

  • The Early Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Household Finances in Québec (2020), with B. Achou, D. Boisclair, P. d’Astous, R. Fonseca, and P.-C. Michaud. Canadian Public Policy.

  • Annuities, long-term care insurance, and insurer solvency (2019), with B. Achou. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice 44: 252.

  • An incentive-compatible experiment on probabilistic insurance and implications for an insurer’s solvency level (2018), with A. Zimmer, H. Gründl, and C. Schade. Journal of Risk and Insurance 85(1), (DOI 10.1111/jori.12148).

  • Behavioral Risk In: Investment Risk Management, H.K. Baker and G. Filbeck (Eds.), 2015, Oxford University Press; with M. Boyer and S. Ouzan.

Working Papers

  • Frames, Incentives and Information: A Study of How They Impact Claiming Behavior in Canada (with P.-C. Michaud and S. Staubli)

  • Nursing home aversion post-pandemic: Implications for savings and long-term care policy (with B. Achou, P. De Donder, M-L Leroux, and M. Lee). Working paper available here. Preparing for resubmission at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

  • State-dependent marginal utility and the willingness to save for old age (with B. Achou, P. de Donder, M. Lee and M.-L. Leroux)

  • Pensions, Annuities, and Long-Term Care Insurance: On the Impact of Risk Signaling (with M.M. Boyer).

Conference Presentations

  • American Risk and Insurance Association 2022 (scheduled)

  • Finance Brown Bag Goethe University 2022 (scheduled)

  • Société canadienne de science économique 2022 (scheduled)

  • World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress 2020

  • Discussion at the Netspar Pension Workshop 2020

  • Seminar at St. John’s University 2017

  • Southern Risk and Insurance Association 2015

  • Southern Finance Association 2015

  • Seminar at the University of Bath 2013

  • European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists 2013

  • American Risk and Insurance Association 2013

  • German Insurance Science Association 2013

  • Munich Workshop on Behavioral Insurance 2012