Franca Glenzer

Welcome to my personal page.

I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at HEC Montréal. My work focuses on pensions, long-term care insurance, insurance markets and regulation, and financial decision making. I have published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Canadian Public Policy, and others.

I received a doctorate from Goethe University Frankfurt and previously held positions at the Retirement and Savings Institute at HEC Montréal, as well as at the International Center for Insurance Regulation.

Find my CV with my contact information here.

What's new?

  • I'm looking for a thesis student at the Master's level who is interested in UX and finance. E-mail me if you're interested! Funding available.

  • My paper "Nursing home aversion post-pandemic: Implications for savings and long-term care policy" (joint with B. Achou, P. deDonder, M. Lee and M.-L. Leroux) is now available online at the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization:

  • I presented my project "Long-term Care Choice and the Value of Money" (joint with B. Achou, P. deDonder, M. Lee and M.-L. Leroux) at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Risk and Insurance Association in Long Beach, California.

  • I am teaching a Master-level class on Insurance at HEC Montreal in Fall 2022 and will be giving the class in French in Winter 2023.