5th Grade

Chemical Powered Rockets and Engines

Four Virtual Reality Headsets

8 iPod Touches

Four Stationary Bike Chairs

Four Garden Carts

Four Hokki Stools

Makedo Construction: Cars

Sphero Balls: Chariots

Sphero Balls: Boats

360 Degree Camera: The Fort

Sphero Balls: Coding

Makedo Construction: A Village

Sphero Balls: Mini Golf

T-Shirts for Day of Wonder

360 Degree Camera: During Flying

360 Degree Camera: Shelters

25 Yoga Mats

7 Sphero Balls: Coding

2 Noise Canceling Alpha Egg Chairs

Materials for Bottle Rockets

Stop Motion Kits


Marble Maze


3 High Definition TVs for Collaboration

Classroom Pet: Bearded Dragon

Classroom Novel Sets

Square & Circular Flexible Seating

Adjustable Hokki Stools