6th graders watching the 3D printer in action. They 3D printed replica boats from a novel they read.

4th Graders Programming Sphero to Jump the "Pit of Doom".MOV
Sphero - Pit of Doom.MOV
Sphero - Pit of Doom.MOV

4th graders programming Sphero to jump the "Pit of Doom"

Mr. Sayles Sphero Bowling (1).MOV
Mr. Sayles Sphero Bowling (2).MOV

Mr. Sayles having all the fun with Sphero bowling. The pins were created using the 3D printer.

Programming Dash Robots.MOV
Shooting Baskets with Dash.MOV

5th graders programming Dash robot to shoot baskets.

Programming Drones.MOV

Programming drones! iPads provided by the Foundation