Community Input

it is really inconceivable how a "Parks" dept would destroy trees and pour more cement... especially when Fort Greene is being overwhelmed by diesel, trucks, noise etc.

"I strongly object to the removal of historic and beautiful trees and further adding more hard space, reducing green space, removing the mounds, altering the historic fencing and otherwise altering the Olmsted vision for this park. I am in favor of fixing the bathrooms which have been neglected for years, having more operating hours for the visitor's center, having more guards at night in the park and fixing/repairing walkways, entrances, etc., so people don't trip, etc...NOT for tearing out our beautiful trees."

"it is really inconceivable how a "Parks" dept would approve of destroying that which creates a city park, namely its trees!!! and pour more cement...especially when Fort Greene is being overwhelmed by diesel, trucks, noise etc., all that a city park is designed to help muffle and protect the air we breathe -- which the trees do by their very nature - positive health impacts for all, especially children and the elderly."

"I think access can be improved to the monument without removing mature trees. Improvements can be made to existing features of the park without completely changing to character of it."

The one thing we had was a beautiful shady tree area... The Parks Department plans to take that away from us... They leave us with nothing.

Janine from NYCHA from Fort Greene says: "So we don't get heating in the winter, we have scaffolding that stays up for years on our buildings, we have ceilings that fall down on our beds, black mold in our bathrooms and lead in our water. The one thing we had was a beautiful shady tree area to share with our friends, children and our families. The Parks Department plans to take that away from us and give it to the new wave living in the expensive high rises down the street. They want to open it up to commercial ventures and kick us out. They leave us with nothing. Me and my neighbors are so upset about this."

the new plan looks militant and cold

"I love the park and the way it functions successfully everyday proves that it's design is good. I would hate to see historic details deleted and beautiful trees destroyed - the organic nature of the way it looks now is really nice. The new plan looks militant and cold in comparison."

process not open enough; misinformation; lack of thorough cost-benefit analysis

There are three - out of many if I have to choose to focus - mot important points here: 1) the process of decision-making (not open or democratic enough); 2) misinformation or insufficient information about the impact of the new design, especially re 58 tree elimination; and 3) lack of thorough cost-benefit analysis (social, cultural, environmental health factors included) with sufficient public out-reach magnitudes and legibility.

Not familiar enough to comment but I agree with the folks who love and use the park everyday. They should be the ones to help with the design. Make it the community project it should be, and I am never for cutting down trees! This seems like a tragedy, especially in view of the rapidly changing climate we are facing and the need for carbon capture and shade!!!!

"Removal of these trees seriously degrades the Park"

The proposed design doesn’t follow the Parks w/o Borders initiative to make parks more accessible and oversteps its focus on edges. It appears to be a poor design and focuses on the view of the monument from Myrtle rather than on actual usage and experience of the park. I am primarily disturbed by the removal of Zelkova trees on the monument steps and their replacement by a few ornamental trees. Shade on this large expanse of stone steps is very important for accessibility. Climbing up all these steps in the hot sun will not be fun. Removal of these trees seriously degrades the Park and the lush view toward Manhattan from the monument plaza. Such a drastic change to one of New York’s best parks needs a lot more design sensitivity and study. I’m an architect and have designed landscapes. I also know top landscape architects in the city that may be able to lend their expertise.

I think Parks without Borders should take their plaza and put it elsewhere. plenty of other spaces in the community could use enhancement. The park is wonderful as is. I visit DAILY and have never wanted a plaza or a promenade in the park. The gardens, green expanses, and trees in the park are a welcome natural element in our neighborhood.

"Maintain the historic beauty of our park without gutting it."

The existing entrances should be truly accessible. Do not remove stone walls unless it is necessary to remove a small portion to add a ramp. Leave mounds in place. Children love playing on them. Maintain the historic beauty of our park without gutting it.

While I agree that all entrances to FGP should be wheelchair usable, I would like the mounds to stay as they are. The one nearest the stairs makes a good stage for events such as the Great Pupkin contest and various concerts. Kids love playing on them. Let them stay!

"More grass. More green. Not more pavement. Not fancy things just to look fancy."

More intimate spaces "enclosed" by trees. Places to sit at tables, benches in the shade, areas for placing blankets in shade. No trees should be removed. We need them for clean air and shade and to have places to feel a tiny bit of privacy. More grass. More green. Not more pavement. Not fancy things just to look fancy. People use this park as their backyard. We should think of the park this way, not as a promenade.

"this is an opportunity to make real improvements that would be appreciated by the community and park users, and it is being wasted."

I don't understand the rationale behind their proposal. How badly needed is more event space? Are there not other improvements that would make a bigger difference for everyday use of the park? It feels like this is an opportunity to make real improvements that would be appreciated by the community and park users, and it is being wasted. Closing that section of the park for years in order to flatten a couple of mounds doesn't seem to add any value for anyone. Also- shouldn't they first replace the trees that have been removed recently??

"a small park... does not need a grand avenue made of concrete."

More trees, shrubs and flowers - this is a small park that should serve as a recreational green space; it already has a beautiful staircase leading up to the monument and does not need a grand avenue made of concrete. This will greatly decrease the park's value.

Proposed design looks big and corporate, I want one that has lots of sunny and shady spots more gardens, jogging path, a place of concerts/dj or band dance parties.

I would like to see enhanced gardens (more flowers and diverse cultivation) and restoration of existing paving/walls instead of removing trees and greenery, and limiting access to it!

The changes made to the east side of the park somewhat recently are great, because the greenery increased and integrated the beautiful old trees. The new (plaza) design looks like some kind of lifeless, corporate or government memorial unfortunately. Less concrete. More greenery please and thank you.

"This kind of money should fund maintaining, repairing and upgrading the present park amenities"

"WE do NOT need more pavement in the park. There is plenty already."

The proposed plan is not user friendly. It is too vast and unsympathetic to use. particularly by children and small groups or individual adults. This kind of money should fund maintaining, repairing and upgrading the present park amenities including a serious process of adding trees and plantings which decline naturally over time and require care and maintenance. Erosion control and earth replenishment are needed. WE could also fund recreational programs within the park more generously. WE do NOT need more pavement in the park. There is plenty already.

"The Parks Without Borders process has lacked the transparency... contributed to an environment of mistrust and runs against the program's stated goal of unifying parks with their neighborhoods."

The Parks Without Borders process for Fort Greene Park has lacked the transparency, publicity and - most importantly - the meaningful community engagement appropriate to a renovation project of this significance. This has contributed to an environment of mistrust and runs against the program's stated goal of unifying parks with their neighborhoods. It is critical that NYC Parks remedies these issues before advancing any design. Fort Greene Park is the centerpiece of our community. By allowing its community to lead in its renovation, NYC Parks will surely achieve a more favorable outcome.

I thought I read that healthy, appreciated trees were being replaced ? That isn't made clear in this presentation. The 'mounds' are an interesting and useful feature.

"Find a way to address the drainage with minimal impact to the existing structures and certainly without cutting down so many trees!!"

Why would you pave paradise?? Fix what is currently broken i.e. cracked pavement but to do what Parks without Borders suggests is wrong and a waste of money and time. Also, how can it be called Parks without Borders when the proposal appears to be adding a ton of borders? Find a different way to use the funds. Also, why is this the only corner being fixed? Have the residents of Ingersoll, Whitman and Kingsview been consulted? Who actually wants these changes made? i have a feeling it's a much shorter list (mainly consisting of those who DO NOT LIVE near the park) than those who wish the park to remain the way it is. Thank you for your consideration.

Architectural poetics is replaced with greed.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Fort Greene park is one of the best parks in the city. It has the best trees and the worst turf. Parks wants to destroy its best feature. Parks Department is literally killing itself, destroying our parks. Residents do not want what Parks is selling. Parks is trying to pull off a blatant destruction of public value in exchange for private value. They are scheming to destroying public health, the very thing they are tasked with promoting. When things just make absolutely no sense, one has to wonder where this logic is coming from. How could it be that it’s a coincidence that all this is happening as soon as new private construction occurs across the street from the Park? It’s already a tragedy that this developer tower, complete with a chiller tower on top, was allowed to be built to rival the Martyrs Monument and block views to the sunset and the river where the Prison Ships were. Architectural poetics is replaced with greed. Now Parks wants to remove decades-old, mature shade trees to further accentuate a new residential tower? They want to give better apartment views to new real estate buyers and lifeless, inhumane space to park-goers. Who does this Administration work for? Someone needs to investigate to get to the bottom of this madness. -- Citizen Architect from Fort Greene

Stop creating more waste by doing unnecessary construction

"They don’t seem to have a clue on how urbanism for people actually works."

This plan to cut down huge numbers of Park shade trees is coming from the same administration that wanted to rid Time Square of street performers by turning the pedestrian promenades into vehicular thoroughfares. They don’t seem to have a clue on how urbanism for people actually works. -- Confused from Fort Greene

"this wonderful old part in the midst of the remaining architecture from the 19th century."

I believe very strongly that all possible should be done to maintain/restore the original, unique, elegant, and historic design of this park...including doing all possible to save its mature shade trees. Plenty of new residential towers have been added to this historic area recently, so the 21st century is now being fully represented without raping this wonderful old part in the midst of the remaining architecture from the 19th century.

"not this current flawed, politically driven proposed design by Parks Without Borders by an unknown landscape architect"

The process is flawed. There should be a design competition open to the world's best landscape architects to submit competing designs to the NYC Parks Dept and involved public officials, community boards and general public for review. The winning design should be submitted to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for review, not this current flawed, politically driven proposed design by Parks Without Borders by an unknown landscape architect.

Appropriate design covers needs of current and future local users, storm water management. Best to avoid antique historic design that seems less likely to address erosion , soil conservation and noise and light pollution that can emerge for the new proposal.

I don't think the large open processional walkway is in keeping with the historic Olmsted character of the park. I also am opposed to the removal of so many large trees.

I think there needs to be more areas that are periodically protected and planted with greenery which help the erosion. People do respect these areas. There needs to be more planting so that the roots can help with the water run-off. There could be improvement with the entrance near the hospital as the steps are quite dangerous.

No more concrete! This is a hideous design! There is already too much concrete in Brooklyn suffocating our interaction with nature.

"The process stinks"

The process stinks in that I'm just hearing about it and it seems it has already been approved. I think the trees should be preserved and the walls around the park should stay in tact. I'm not a huge fan of the mounds but as they have some historic value I can see keeping them as well.

"The mounds should be restored with their original wooden benches and maintained."

Of course I'm pleased to see money and thought being invested into a park I love and use very often, but the proposed design suggests removing one of the defining characteristics of Ft.Greene Park - the A.E.Bye grass mounds. The mounds should be restored with their original wooden benches and maintained. They are a unique and historic feature of our park. They are so much more effective as a design element in that space than an open promenade would be. Just look at promenades around NYC; Brooklyn Heights, the open space by the Court Houses at Boro Hall, the Literary Walk in Central Park - These straight, open spaces are enjoyable to pass-through but they don't promote gathering and small group activities the way the existing A.E. Bye mounds do. My two cents: restore the mounds, integrate handicapped access to the existing entry points, save all trees, add grilling stations, resurface basketball court, dig out fallen tree roots, plant grass/perennials, fix both entry steps by Brooklyn Hospital (an embarrassment to our city), install a proper, level soccer area on the south east lawn, repair the ongoing flooding issue along Washington Park (another embarrassment) and incorporate a designated dog run so that all park users don't have to deal with dog remnants. Those are some of the things that I think $10.5million could help. Thank you for your efforts in promoting a true public process and for providing the opportunity for me to speak out about the direction of our park, Ft.Greene Park.

There are too many impermeable surfaces in the Parks Without Borders proposal- and too many mature shade trees destroyed in the process- How are they mitigating and managing storm water runoff and the myriad of benefits of the trees they propose to take away?

they should upgrade/repair the existing structures and add a ramp to the existing steps from Myrtle.

Keep healthy trees, don't add pavement unless ADA access issue. Work with community.

It is shocking that we haven't fixed the Dust Bowl. It infuriates me. I've lived here for 15 years, and it has gone from dusty bowl to complete sand pit. It actually makes me go to the park less. I'm a soccer player and have participated in those games but we can't ignore it any longer. The lawn should be blocked off and re-seeded until it's lush like Central Park Sheep's Meadow, so everyone in the neighborhood can use it. I mean, really...

I would like to see the old growth trees maintained. Those trees are visited by woodpeckers and red tailed hawks, birds that bring awe to urban dwellers.

I'd like the existing park features to be refurbished and updated. Preserve the trees!

Fixing the bathrooms and water fountains would be good. Adding something soft to the pavement so it isn't so harsh on the feet. Trees are always nice. More basketball and fitness stuff is always nice, too.

The park is perfect just the way it is. It just needs better bathrooms. Do not touch it's beautiful trees. Invest money in projects that are truly needed in Brooklyn, such as better housing for those in need. Leave the trees alone!!!

Trees are important. they have been there longer than us, and help us. Don't kill them.

Do not remove mature trees or permeable grass areas to put down pavement!

No transparency and no community input is outrageous!

Simply repair cracked pavements and improve playing courts and playground equipment. Absolutely NO tree removal needed: we need shade, not concrete!

"The choice of the area seems racially motivated and extremely disruptive to the communities that use it most, especially the projects."

The millions earmarked and the lies told by PWB signal corruption on some level: investigate and stop them now before damage is done! Hold public hearing in the park and announce them widely. Make sure that black community leaders and park users are involved in the decision making. Make sure that every dollar is tracked that will benefit contractors, politicians, Parks people pushing this. Get the mayor involved, as well as Brooklyn politicians, Laurie Cumbo, Tish James, Walter Mosley and seek their public statements.

The hills and trees there do not need to be removed for flat open space.

There's too much hardscaping. The proposal is contrary to the City's green initiative to create more plantings and reduce stormwater runoff. And the decision-making process is, of course, opaque.

Would love for there to be less racial divide within the park

I would love more lights in certain areas. Particularly around the tennis courts and the back of the park towards the hospital. Would love for there to be even more benches along the walkways. Would love for there to be less racial divide within the park itself, but I don’t see that changing. Would also love off leash hours at night to be 7 in the winter months. No one is out there. A better workout station would be great. Perhaps an extra one. I love the park. Please don’t mess it up. Xo

"None has the right to take life from our park."

Not everything in life has to look so manicured and regal. The park is for the people. No one has a right to redesign it to their liking at the cost of trees. While government denies climate change, the people are waking to see the environment as something that must be protected, especially in a city where fresh oxygen is desperately needed. None has the right to take life from our park.

We all live in an urban environment. What is most needed is peace, shade, green, quiet; as an antidote to the daily onslaught of Ainsley overload and nature deprivation.

I really don't want to see any trees cut down if possible. The age, majesty and shade of them should be preserved as much as possible.

The park is AMAZING as-is! I'm shocked that they want to completely destroy the amount of green. It's a haven for us during the summer and winter months!

This is a lovely old park. NYC heritage. Let it live and grow.

I love the park so I do not have any immediate ideas for what should be changed, but it definitely should not be made less green.

"the mounds... are visually more interesting than a flat concrete avenue"

More green areas, not more concrete - the whole city is concrete, the park is supposed to be grass and trees. And cutting down that many trees is criminal. The water fountain is a nice idea, otherwise the proposal lacks imagination and reduces much of what makes the park unique and special, especially the removal of the mounds, which are a unique feature utilized by many for exercise, play spaces for children, and are visually more interesting than a flat concrete avenue leading to the monument.

should NEVER cut down trees unless diseased. ALWAYS plant more

"turning our park into an ugly business-looking mall isn't the answer."

We have a very special park and members of many different communities come to use it - scrubbing the north area of the park closest to the projects seems really f*cked up. The trees deserve to live, the trees deserve to be cared for in the best way, but turning our park into an ugly business-looking mall isn't the answer. And if they threaten to tear down my favorite tree in the park I?€?ll stage a live-in protest.

The trees in FGP are some of the oldest and most valuable in the city. I would like to see them keep the old trees and maximize green space.

"it is a waste of money to destroy the park, this money can and should be put to other use."

It destroys the original park design. Not in keeping with the original design of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. This plan make the park look too commercial and destroys the peace and tranquility of the park in its present layout. In addition, it is a waste of money to destroy the park, this money can and should be put to other use. Why fix what is not broken?

No cutting down of mature trees!

I don't know the park well enough to contribute specific ideas, but I can say that I find the PWB proposal to be distasteful and a potential waste of resources.

"stop paving everything and fencing in green space! A horrible trend I see all over the city. NYers need spaces to get in touch with the earth not just look at it."

I'm not sure but I think input from the ACTUAL users of the space is critical. I also think historical preservation is essential as well. I don't know what the best plan is (as I am not a heavy user of this part of FG park) but this doesn't look or feel right, much like most of the development happening in our community. I have lived in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill for 17+ years and feel it is sad to see what is happening in our neighborhood i.e. over development, loss of community values, etc. And, stop paving everything and fencing in green space! A horrible trend I see all over the city. NYers need spaces to get in touch with the earth not just look at it. Also, let's talk about how fixing up that part of the park wasn't a priority until all of the development rolled in on the Myrtle side of the neighborhood. Let's also talk about how many parks in poor communities throughout the city are in disrepair, some even dangerous, but the parks department is going to prioritize making FG Park "fancy"?

"People love to picnic and sit out in this exact location you are proposing to pave."

The trees there are so beautiful, and are one of my favorite places to go in the fall. The proposal says this side of the park is underutilized but I'm not sure what that means, there are always many people there. People love to picnic and sit out in this exact location you are proposing to pave. My children love playing on the mounds. People are always exercising on the shady steps and in the exercise park and basketball court. What happens to those? Perhaps what you mean is underutilized by white Ft. Greene residents? That may be true but it is richly utilized by the many people who live on that side of the park. Ft. Greene Park is highly segregated in its use. Maybe that is the question that should be asked. This is not the answer to that question. Many people's apartments face this change, have they been consulted about how they would like the view from their buildings and block to look? I am sure this step would happen if changes were proposed on the significantly more expensive Washington Park and DeKalb side. Finally. Trees are plants that have a much longer timeline than humans. As the trees there are about my age and I am halfway through my life, I'd say they have a while to go still. In fact google puts Norway Maple lifespans at 100 years. Let's let them live and keep providing beauty and clean air for residents.

Honor the trees and green space, protect and nurture it.

I wish there was a clean open lawn to picnic on but I love the old trees and historic aspect of the park

Whatever the change it should be safe, accessible, and full of trees for health & shade, green space for enjoyment and for ensuring rainwater is captured and not contributing to runoff and sewer outfall.

"the removal of green space and these beautiful trees is a terrible idea!!!!"

The broken sidewalk and park pathway paving should be replaced and the stairs can be replaced by a ramp or ramps. The approach to the monument can be improved by means of added signage and interactive exhibits, and the circular area should be cleaned up and replanted. However, the removal of green space and these beautiful trees is a terrible idea!!!!

"The new design is all concrete"

The new design is all concrete and designed only to focus on a man-built monument - this is NOT what our community wants or needs! The process was deceptive, promising MORE green space, not less. Such a terrible misuse of public funds when more green space is so desperately needed in this community.

Please please please do not cut down any healthy trees!!!!!! That is my major problem with this proposal. Thank you.

"Fort Greene Park is pretty perfect as is with the exception of the bathroom situation."

I think Fort Greene Park is pretty perfect as is with the exception of the bathroom situation. Those could definitely stand to be improved. It would be nice if the one at the visitor center were available more consistently too.

Improve what is existing, and retain the old features.

They didn't tell the neighborhood residents of Myrtle Avenue, nor the new families in the new high rises. 80% of the people don't know. Take a simple survey and find out.

The PWB proposal is awful. leave the trees alone.

I would like to see better grass for sitting and lounging. a dog park to limit dog poop.

"It’s a unique park. Please don’t destroy it’s charm."

I think the park is wonderful the way it is. If pavement could be renovated/fixed - the soccer field reseeded and the bathrooms updated - that would be fab. Maybe some more benches. That’s it. I am from Switzerland and we love our old trees and romantic parks. It’s a unique park. Please don’t destroy it’s charm.

...trees and grass and sunlight, elements that help us thrive as humans... How do we get our officials to connect with the trees this way?

Before I begin, in Japan, spending time in the forest is a medical prescription for health. Practitioners of energy medicine such as reiki, tai chi, or Incan Shamanism understand that trees, like other living beings, have energy centers like humans do, "chakra" in Sanskrit. They need healing sometimes, and they help us heal sometimes. Many people practice Tai Chi in New York City Parks not just because they are free, open space, but because they have trees and grass and sunlight, elements that help us thrive as humans. Ode to the trees of Fort Greene Park: I first discovered this park and trees on a bike ride to Prospect Park in the early 00's and was awed by their size and shade. Coming through the park on my bike at night was a ritual aspect of my commute, one that magnetized me to the neighborhood as in 2008. Since then, Fort Greene became my favorite park in Brooklyn. I have communed with those trees, their energy has released locked muscles in my body, relaxed me, given me sanctuary when my life otherwise seemed to be falling apart. I have sat with these trees, slept under them, and visited them at night. I wish I could convey the visceral intensity of these experiences with others so they understand how precious trees are to our psychic existence. This and all the other wonderful inspiration and health trees provide in their beautiful existence on our planet. How do we get our officials to connect with the trees this way?

Terry from Ft Greene says: Bureaucrats don't have psychic lives. They can't be expected to "understand trees." They understand being sued.

"they paved paradise, put up a parking lot"

I would like to have the park accessible to all people of all abilities. The trees should remain-- don't take down mature trees as shade is precious, as is the home to all of the wildlife.

Please don't cut any trees down!

Cleaning up the park is a great idea, but cutting down the trees is not!! It's a park! Its whole purpose is to provide a bit of nature in this great, but concrete-filled city.

Communicate to the public what is happening at the park with visual signs all around the park

I like to sometimes birdwatch in FG park. Less trees means less landscape and shelter for birds.

I think David does a good job at the park, but if there is extra money to spend, I advocate using it to hire Ms. Maxine full-time; she is the best gardener they have ever had. Also, I don't advocate cutting down healthy trees and removing these historical burial mounds just so that the people moving into the new downtown condos can see the monument from their balconies. Keep the trees, keep the park cool and make renovations for the people who use the park, and amenities for those living in Walt Whitman houses, who rely on this green space.

I think the park could be better maintained and cleaned up, but I definitely do not think the trees and landscape should be removed and replaced with concrete walkways and plaza. That would truly be a tragic loss.

"Taking trees down to add more concrete spaces makes no sense."

Any renovation must take into account the current vegetation. Some of these trees are decades old. Taking trees down to add more concrete spaces makes no sense.

I would like to see all of the original aesthetic preserved while maintaining functionality.

Keep as much grass and shade as possible. We live in a city of cement and need less of it. Parks are the only place many of us see grass and can sit in the shade of a tree. Keep all healthy trees!!!!

Keep those beautiful trees! The park is being well cared for. Love Max, the Gardner. And the rest of the parks people too. Am there every day with my dog. I will pass this on to as many dog people as I can.

Mature trees and green space. The city is paved enough.

more bathrooms

No changes! Keep the trees!!!

Please don't kill trees. Please allow BBQ to continue. Please move green market to Myrtle Ave.

Save the trees

The community should have been given consideration and allowed input.

The playground could use some renovation but we should maintain all of the trees at all costs!

There needs to be a proper proposal and engagement with the public.

Very unhappy with the proposed changes. Leave our park the way it is! Taking away grass and huge trees that provide much needed shade, relaxation, and beauty to make way for a large cement, heat-generating plaza is disgraceful. It also shows a real lack of concern for the local park users' physical and mental health. Let this part of the park stay peaceful, serene, and green!!

We want the park to have as much greenery and as little concrete as possible. This is a place to relax and enjoy a respite from city streets full of concrete. The park is for the community to enjoy the way they want - not to be monitized and changed by developers who ignore public opinion. This is still a democracy.

Always save trees. We need them to breathe

The work that was done by the Willoughby entrance is beautiful. The plantings on the hillside are a marvel. The plantings on the South Portland entrance are beautifully done as well. To remove 71 healthy trees to create a plaza on the Myrtle side of the park is a crime. Our neighborhood needs more trees and more park space - not more hardscape. How can you justify removing 71 trees with climate change ravaging our environment?

Sounds like an excuse to give money to contractors. Just making changes for the sake of spending money instead of making improvements. Better to spend the money on improving the lawns.

The process seems opaque and it is unclear what problems the proposal is trying to solve. The park is beloved. I would propose fixing some of the existing walksways, improving drainage and reinforcing the outer rim dirt path for the runners. If the goal is to change the park entry point on that corner, which is a fair idea, I propose we do so without major changes to the existing features, walkways and trees and attempt to do a minimally invasive, cheaper, and more expedient construction process.

putting more trash cans and taking care of the lawns, maybe putting flowers to some is more than enough. The park doesn't have a problem with needing renovation, it just needs to be cleaned.

Save mature, beautiful trees; less concrete (don't want a skateboarding plaza)

I'm interested in 1) hearing from other people in the neighborhood , especially on the Myrtle st side and 2) as many trees as possible

I am strongly against the removal of any trees!


I visit the park every day with my dog. The continuing efforts to beautify the park with improved landscaping and gardens has been fantastic. But changing the original design of the park, taking away trees, and scrapping the amphitheater is not okay. The Parks Commission should make a greater effort to make these decisions more inclusive and transparent with the surrounding community.

Whatever they do or change, healthy mature trees must not be harmed or cut down. It’s outrageous to take away tress which are a scarcity in the concrete city to add more concrete.

preserve the park and its trees and its existing elegance.

Mature trees are in such short supply in the city and we should preserve all healthy trees whenever possible.

I wish there was more green in the park! More trees more plants!! Not less!

A park should be as natural as possible.

I am all for restoring the park's lawns and infrastructure maybe doing something about that soccer dust pit in the middle but this secret proposal does not look good. It will take 20 years for the replacement trees to provide the shade that the Parks proposal depicts. Remember the park is also a burial ground. Are they going to put a skate board run down that plaza too?

I think the money would be better used somewhere else.

I understand this will create a skateboard park... that really can’t be done elsewhere???

Keep the original authentic look, repair what have been damaged for decades. Add some new elements inside of the park for kids and adults. Smooth out the runway paths and create a "Seperate" area for a Dog park. Other than that the resisdents of Fort Greene has no problem the way Fort Greene park is already.

Lights on the basketball court

Leave the park alone

Keep the original design and the beautiful trees!!!!

Renovations are good, but dont take the trees around it and compromise with the people.

I don't know a lot about the process FGPWB has taken, but anything that doesn't involve complete transparency and total community involvement is unacceptable. Frankly, I see no reason to make a change. I've lived in FG since 1985, and I've used the park almost every day over the ensuing years. That area of the park at Myrtle and St. Edwards is lovely, and I have spent much time the adjacent children's playground for my children, and the pathways and grassy areas to walk my dogs. The proposed open design, with fewer trees doesn't fit the character of FGP, which is magical with the densely packed foliage. I don't know what or who to believe about the health of the trees, but my suggestion would be to take down those that are at the ends of their lives and form a hazard, but replace them with young, healthy trees. It doesn't need a redesign to do that. I don't know who Parks Without Borders is, or what their ultimate aim is, but any redesign of the park should have complete involvement from those who actually use it!

It seems like they'll just go do whatever they want to do. Look what happened to Admiral's Row.

"Use the renovation money to repair what's there. It's a revolutionary war monument. It shouldn't look like a mall parking lot in Cleveland."

Non invasive upgrades to preserve the history and integrity of the park. Update drainage, beneficial landscaping to support wildlife and provide more privacy for people hanging out, upgrade bathrooms. Perhaps an area near the bathrooms to inform people on the history of the neighborhood/community avent area.

The community must be involved and listened to, please.

The Parks without Border proposal is an abomination.

Keep the trees!

KEEP THE TREES!! Don’t add more pavement which will only make it hotter in the summer.

I would actually like to see a real effort to involve the surrounding community a bit better. Let THE PEOPLE know what's going on in their community without any misleading information. We need to keep as many trees as we can in Brooklyn. This is a large part of what makes our borough a beautiful one.

Tree-friendly, not more concrete

The park is for nature to thrive and be enjoyed by it's guests. We already have plenty of asphalt and cement everywhere esle. Do NOT cut down any trees, please.

I don’t think trees should ever be sacrificed for a developers vision. Community input should be elicited well before a design process takes place. It is clear that the community is not on board and that this design is meant to appease new development participants. People live here already. We matter! In a climate changing environment, the thought of sacrificing LIVING TREES is an affront to anyone’s sensibility. Stop ruining Brooklyn!

Do not remove any trees! Renovate where needed. Provide seating.

Enhance the green space, minimize the pavement.

Do NOT remove healthy trees! In addition to benefiting the park and everyone who visits it, trees are essential for combating global warming. Do not ruin this park!

seems to have been planned in semi-secrecy--that's wrong

Less pavement, more trees & plants. It’s a park! Jeez.

I think the city has more important priorities to spend the $ on...

Green space to gather and play, area for dogs, mature trees

I like the park the way it is except I think they need to let the grass regrown on the main lawn.

Keep the trees and all nature. Brooklyn is urban enough.

An entry at the proposed site would be fine but only if it embraces Olmsted’s design goal of providing a natural and bucolic relief from urban life. A concrete plaza especially one of the size proposed is inappropriate in such a small and fragile park, one that is losing it’s mission to provide a natural green space in which to escape the hard realities of the city, not to mention warming weather. Trees, grass and underbrush are much needed and more appropriate. Serving people’s basic needs is far more important that providing more visibility of the monument which can be seen upon entering. The resulting direct views for residential developements may increase their value but diminishes the neighborhood’s quality of life and ruins our overall park design.

Don’t cut down trees.

Don't get it. I'm pretty happy with the way the park is...Money should not be going to tear down trees. Parks are nature! Would rather see the bathrooms tidied up.

The design of the park is fine as is. Aside from the removal of the trees, I also don’t see much added value in the new design - certainly not enough to justify the disruption or cost.

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