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Alert! 78 mature trees getting the ax for Parks Department Redesign vs. much needed repairs

Members of Friends of Fort Greene Park met with NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue in June 2023. She confirmed directly that despite community opposition the Parks Department is "eager to move ahead with the redesign" of Fort Greene Park, which will destroy 78 trees and replace approximately 13,314 sq ft of existing open lawns and greenspace with a hardscape plazaRead about the meeting here.

We will not allow this to happen!  Fort Greene Park, the neighborhood and the City must keep the mature trees we have to help mitigate the growing climate crisis!

NYC Parks Department Plaza Proposal

The Parks Department misrepresented the health of the 58 mature trees marked for removal -- a total of 78 trees will be removed in the entire park. 13 more London Plane trees will be endangered under their Parks Without Borders redesign plan due to extreme pruning and adjacent excavation.

We welcome an influx of money that would preserve, restore, and enhance current and historic park features. NYC Parks commissioners are supposed to be stewards of these publicly owned spaces. Residents expect them to implement community input and maintain the character of our neighborhood park. 

Fort Greene residents say NO to Parks Without Borders redesign of the park; NO to cutting down healthy trees and eliminating shade; NO to dismantling historic features; NO to concrete instead of green.

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Olmsted Design

Olmsted believed parks functioned as lungs of the city,” offering spaces that could foster physical and mental well-being. (Learn more about Olmsted's Legacy)

In surveying various landscapes, Olmsted was drawn to the natural style of the English country garden over the more formal, geometric look of French estates. 

-- The Parks That Made the Man Who Made Central Park, Lisa W. Foderaro, NYT 

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