The Parks Department misrepresented the health of the 58 mature trees marked for removal -- a total of 71 trees will be endangered, including an additional 13 due to extreme pruning and adjacent excavation under their Parks Without Borders redesign plan.

Fort Greene residents say NO to Parks Without Borders redesign of the Park; NO to cutting down healthy trees and eliminating shade; NO to dismantling historic features; NO to concrete instead of green.

We welcome an influx of money that would preserve, restore and enhance current and historic park features. NYC Parks are supposed to be stewards of these publicly owned spaces and residents expect them to implement community input and maintain the character of our neighborhood park.

NYC Parks without Borders plans to turn the beloved A.E. Bye design into a paved plaza.

Residents demand NYC Parks Without Borders take community input into consideration.

In an effort to preserve the legacy and sense of community of Fort Greene Park that its designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, and those who followed left to us.

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Sharon Barnes

Natasha Boutin

Enid Braun

Tami Brooks

Patty Cake

Asiah Charles

Roxanne Delgado

Vanessa Duah

Victoria Duah

Crystal Flournoy

Clara Freeman

James Golden

Patti Hagan

Schellie Hagan

Ling Hsu

Roslyn Huebner

Kristen Jock

Elisabeth Jones

Lucy Koteen

Doris Vila Licht

Natalie Loney

Albert Massimi

Erica Mera

Lillian Mera

Christopher Morse

Patrick Murphy

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William Taylor

Punch Thomas

Ashley Timberlake

Angela Velez

Fatima Velez

Jen Velez

Catherine b Yelverton

George Yzquierdo


Michael Gotkin,

Landscape Architect

City Club of New York

Carsten W. Glaeser Ph.D, ASCA

Urban Tree Advisor

Lynn Ellsworth,

Humanscale NYC

Simeon Bankoff,

Historic Districts Council

Sylvia Morse,

Urban Planner

Kathleen Webster,

President, Sara D. Roosevelt Park Coalition