Need to Know

--Need to know information for potential customers--

All flow must be stopped in order to establish a freeze plug. Leaking packing, pump seals, gaskets, or other minor leaks will not affect obtaining an ice plug. Closing valve(s) in the line will make the flow static. Valve(s) can be upstream or downstream from the freeze jacket. Most systems can isolate branch connections without shutting down the entire system. Should there be no valves, or they are not holding, then pumps must be shut down for a short period of time. Once an ice plug is established the system operation can resume.

Jackets should be at least ten pipe diameters away from the nearest tee or branch connection in order to keep system online. Closer than ten pipe diameters may cause the ice plug not to completely close due to turbulence. When it is necessary to place the jacket(s) closer than this it may require shutting down pumps to obtain the ice plug. In this situation pumps may need to remain off for the duration of the work.

There must be a gauge port or vent in the section of pipe which is to be isolated. The contractor is to weld in a half-inch thread-o-let or a temporary clamp on tap will be used. Tapping into the live system thru the T0L or the temporary clamp will be executed by WMI.

Liquid nitrogen Dewar(s) will be sent to the job site the day prior or days prior to the scheduled freeze. The contractor or owner is responsible for receiving the Dewar(s) and placing them near the actual work location. Note: A Dewar weighs approximately six-hundred pounds. Waters Mechanical will provide a cart for your use when we arrive.

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