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Pipe Fitting 90 Degree Intersections - FREE

The 90 degree intersection app is a free app. With this app a Pipe fitter no longer needs to carry a book to obtain the ordinates for 90 degree intersections.

The app opens with the box checked for "nominal" pipe sizes. The tradesman simply enters the branch connection nominal pipe size in the first box and the nominal pipe size of the main in the second box. Touch "Calculate" and the ordinates for laying out the 90 degree intersection are displayed.

Nominal Pipe Sizes in this app range from 1/2" thru 24". Fractions must be entered as decimals eg. 1 1/4" pipe is entered as 1.25

Un-check the box for nominal pipe sizes and fill in the OD or Outside dimensions of any size on any size equal too or larger than the branch. Fill in the wall thickness of the branch connection and touch "Calculate" and the ordinates are displayed.

The wall thickness is required as the inside of the branch connection is calculated to fit the outside of the main.

Pipe Fitting Lateral Intersections

This app for Lateral Intersections works similar to our 90 degree intersection app with an added bonus of the ability to change the degree of the intersection. This app opens with nominal pipe sizes and no degree filled in. Simply enter the branch and main nominal pipe sizes and the desired degree (any positive number up to 90), press calculate and displayed are the 8 answers forming 16 ordinates to lay out the lateral intersection.

For fabrication purposes the take off from the wrap-0-round line to the center of the main is also calculated and shown.

Includes a Conversion Chart for changing decimals to fractions.

UPDATE - Now has a check box for displaying answers as fractions or decimals.


Pipe Fitting Special Offsets - Two Equal Ells (No Pipe Between Fittings)

The app is for fabricating weld ells in order to obtain the desired offset when the offset is less than 2 times the radius of an ell. Another words an Offset that is less than two 90 degree ells put together. Nor will two 45 degree ells satisfy the mark. The app is for long radius weld ells where the standard radius of the ell is 1.5 times the pipe size. Eg. A 6" ell's radius is 9" (1.5 x 6).

The data entry required is two items.

The pipe size and the desired offset (or true offset).

The results are as follows:

  1. The degree of the ells.
  2. The inside arc and outside arc for laying out the ells.
  3. Side 1 and Side 2 measured from each end of the ell which gives a cross mark on both sides the side of the ell to be cut.
  4. This gives four points on the ell to mark out all the way around the ell to cut the desired degree.
  5. The Total Advance or take off is the "face to face" measurement of the piece (both ells joined) once cut and fabricated.

Special Note – Red Boxes indicate an entry Error or a non entry plus highlight Output Errors / Enter new numbers for Pipe Size & True Offset and PRESS “Calculate”

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