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Should you or the residents within your area have any questions, please call our informational hotline, telephone # (610) 891-5695. Tyler staff will be happy to assist.

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KATHY KELLY, Tax Collector, will be available to collect Borough taxes at the Borough Office located

at 1555 Elmwood Avenue, Folcroft, PA.

She will be there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM

during the period of February 1 to March 31


Link to Keystone Tax Helpline Information

Here is the link t0 Keystone Collections

2018 Local Tax Return Information


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Swimming Pool Water Discharge Guidelines

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Here you will find information on a myriad of topics inclusive of our humble little nook in Southeastern Delaware County, PA.

You will learn about Folcroft's Open Space, the business community, neighborhoods, reasons why you should move your business here, tax information and a slew of other useful tidbits.

We are minutes from the City of Philadelphia, either by car, train or bus.

We hope your experience with our website is as enjoyable as it is to live and conduct business within the Borough's boundaries.

Living in Folcroft affords suburban bliss with a city-like atmosphere. Minutes from Center City Philadelphia,

Folcroft has its own public library and is home to the Delaware County Vo-Tech School.

Open space and recreation needs are met by the three parks within the Borough, one of which shares a common border with the Federally owned John Heinz Wildlife Preserve.

Recreation is also provided by the Folcroft Boys and Girls Clubs, the Folcroft Swim Club and the Folcroft Senior Citizens.

Doing business in Folcroft is simple. Over 180 businesses already call Folcroft home.

The business is diverse, ranging from warehousing to trucking to personal service shops to car dealerships.

Folcroft truly possess an assorted business climate that can meet any need.

The name "Folcroft" is Old English for "leafy field" and was recorded first by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the early 1880's.

The Borough of Folcroft is governed by the laws of the Borough Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As outlined in the Borough Code, the Borough Council is the legislative body.

The Folcroft Borough Council is responsible for policy within the Borough. Quite simply, they pass the law.

The Borough Council oversees the Finance and Administration Department and the Highway Department.

Under these two departments, all Borough business is conducted.

Bills are paid, trash is collected, building permits issued, and street light repairs are just a few examples of items that the Borough Council addresses.

The Mayor under the Borough Code is responsible for the administration of the Police Department.

Under the watchful eye of the Mayor, the nine members of the Folcroft Police Department protect and serve its citizens and business community.

The following providers have Community Channels the we use to help keep our residents update with local events, Borough information and other useful information concerning our residents.

Boro TV Channel for RCN, channel 52.

Boro TV Channel for Verizon, channel 44.

Boro TV Channel for Comcast, channel 10.


As part of Folcroft's Recycling efforts we are using the state aid that we receive, which is based on the amount of recyclable materials our Borough generates, to again provide RECYCLING CONTAINERS. They are green with the borough logo on them. An owner or renter of a residential home is required to use these containers (weekly pickup on Wednesdays) and if you don't have a Folcroft container you can get one at no charge. Businesses and apartment tenants recycle using other pickup services and different containers.



Folcroft Community Notification System

Our borough is initiating a Community Notification System, by licensing the "CodeRED" high-speed notification program from the Emergency Communications Network. This Community Notification System will enable borough officials to quickly deliver emergency messages to residents and to keep residents aware of activities occurring in the borough.

The CodeRed database contains most, BUT NOT ALL, of the landline residential and business numbers in Folcroft. All businesses are urged to register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the past year, and those who use a cellular phone or VoIP phone as their primary number.

The secure, customized Community Notification Enrollment (CNE) page allows residents and businesses to add or update their contact information to ensure they will be included when a message is sent – unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, TDD/TTY requirements can all be entered.

It's best to create an Account to manage your alert, you can add/update/verify your information online at CodeRED's enrollment page.



Those without Internet access may call Folcroft's borough office 610-522-1305, Mon - Fri 9am to 3pm to supply their information over the phone or add additional phone numbers.

Residents can "op-out" of the system and be placed on a no call list using the same Code Red enrollment page or calling the borough.

There is a Mobile App called CODE RED, please go to the Apple APP STORE or Google Play and search for CODE RED, download the app, though you will need to register on the app as a new user.

New World War I Monument Plaque...

Folcroft now has a beautiful new plaque to honor

our resident fallen heroes.

Click Here to view the new and original.

Attention: Folcroft Residents and all former Residents

We are in search of Old Photographs, including those of Family Members

Dating pre 1900 for an upcoming Folcroft book by two published authors.

All Photos will be Scanned, in your presence, with NO harm to your originals.

Photo Credits will be given to all published entries.

Please call Borough Office at 610-522-1305 for more information.

Or email at: folcroftpermits@comcast.net


"Folcroft, It's Living History"

Thank you for visiting the Borough of Folcroft