I am a PhD job market candidate in Economics at the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Michele Lombardi, Takashi Hayashi and Anna Bogomolnaia. I have a BSc and an MPhil in Economics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

I am a member of the European Economic Association, the Royal Economic Society, the Society for Social Choice and Welfare and the Coalition Theory Network.

This year I am attending the EEA job market meeting and you can attend my job market paper presentation at the University of Glasgow Economics lunch time seminar, at Maastricht University GSBE-ETBC seminar, or at Lisbon meetings in Game Theory and Applications.

Research interests:

  • Mechanism Design/Implementation theory
  • Social Choice
  • Coalition theory
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Economics

My research mainly focuses on the formal study of institutions (implementation theory) and on the constraints that individual incentives impose on collective decision-making. Through my research, I am trying to draw a fine line between what is desirable and what is possible, from the economic design perspective.

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Please find my detailed CV here.